The Ferris School Project: Lacrosse – a second chance for high risk youth

Unfortunately, at-risk teenagers are more and more common nowadays. With “The Ferris School Project: Lacrosse – a second chance for high risk youth”, the school wants to offer such young people a chance to reduce their frustration and their aggression elsewhere and to find a new passion. Often, these young people come from rather bad family conditions and unfortunately do not manage to get out of it themselves and that’s where the project starts. Everything about the project can be found here.

The Ferris School

The Ferris School for Boys is located in Wilmington, Delaware and is a so-called intensive rehabilitation center for young men between the ages of 13 and 18 years. Delinquent offenders come to the family court on the basis of their actions in Delaware, and it is not uncommon for the verdict to be Ferris. Here the young people stay between 6 and 12 months on average.
As already mentioned, most delinquent teenagers are already from rather poor or impoverished circumstances. The teenagers at Ferris School are often involved in drugs and gangs and are usually serious or chronic repeat offenders who pose a great risk to themselves and others.
The school offers these young people the opportunity for a structured everyday life. The regulated learning environment, education, programming, treatment, and therapeutic, clinical programs are designed to bring them back into social life with others without crime.

The Ferris School Project: Lacrosse as a second chance

In addition to the educational programs there was always a selection of autumn and winter sports activities, only in spring there was a big hole. This gap has now been filled with the “The Ferris School Project: Lacrosse – a second chance for high risk youth”.

The licensed clinical psychologist at Ferris Katharine Powers sees many advantages in lacrosse for high risk teenagers. They need a sport where they can build muscle and get out into the fresh air, as well as connect the shared experiences that the teens make during the sport.
The young people learn what it means to be a team and to master a new task together, a co-trainer Walter Armstrong beautifully says: “They have one goal, to play together in order to win.”
The lacrosse training started in December and last spring the teams could already play a limited schedule against local school teams.
In addition to the already mentioned aspects, lacrosse offers the opportunity to integrate the young people more in the social life again.
Most of the guys from Ferris will go back to high school and with their hopefully found passion for lacrosse, they could join the lacrosse team here and become part of that community instead of going back to the streets.

What is your opinion on “The Ferris School Project: Lacrosse – a second chance for high risk youth?” We think it’s great that we can hopefully help young people with such a great sport. GROW THE GAME!

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