A dog as a lacrosse referee? – Rufferee at Shootout for Soldiers

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A dog as a lacrosse referee? – RufferYes, this really exists! Charley is the dog, who supports the referee in Baltimore. Hard to believe, but true. Someone should open a school to train dogs to act like a referee, then the dog can be a rufferee. What do you think about this idea? In addition, we want to briefly tell you something about the Shootout for Soldiers campaign, which has included this unique video.


The lacrosse team at the Bocconi Universitá

Lacrosse Videos

The lacrosse team at the Bocconi Universitá is very well known and successful. They have won the italian championship for the third time.

But first, here are some information about the university. Iit was founded in 1902 and was the first university which allowed the degree in economics. Bocconi played a leading role in the italian econnomic and social modernization for over a century. It is a research university with democratic values. The university has always remained the financially and politically independent.

Of course the lacrosse team at the Bocconi Universitá are always looking for new players. The training starts in the middle of september. Anyone who wants to participate should register, wether they have knowledge about lacrosse or not. Everyone can participate in two trail sessions.

In the following video you can see a really cool training of the team of Bocconi. It is worthwhile to take a look, as it is already fun only watching them train.


Dude Perfect – Lacrosse Trick Shots

Lacrosse Videos

Five best Friends and one Panda – that’s „Dude Perfect“. They make absolutely funny sports videos of really all topics.

In this episode they tried to get some extraordinarily spectacular lacrosse trick shot challenges with Paul Rabil done.

In the following video they stand out of everything in precession and distance. Check out the lacrosse trick shot until the end, beacuse we promise it will always be superior. Have fun to watch, like us.

All-Access Videos from TLN

Lacrosse Videos

The guys from The Lacrosse Network definitely have a way with their videos, because they always have a great feel to them. Amongst their film studies and short documentaries, they’ve shot two all-access videos so far, showing a few instances in the day of the Denver Pioneers and Salisbury Lacrosse teams.

We encourage you to check them out when you have time, as well as their whole YouTube channel. You’re bound to lose a lot of time clicking through countless short vids about everything and anything lacrosse.

Bonus video at the end: can you actually string a lax head using a pinnie mesh? Find out! (more…)

MLL Highlights 2014 Released

Lacrosse Videos

mll logoSo far two highlights videos have been released by the MLL for the year 2014, featuring Paul Rabil and Rob Pannell. We’re not sure if any others are to be released, but until then, enjoy the amazing plays that two of the best lacrosse players in the world at the moment have managed to do!

Paul Rabil MLL Highlights 2014

Paul has been a pro player for 6 years and is currently playing for the Boston Cannons. Nicknamed “Fast Shot”, Rabil is also one of the most popular players in the world, with tours planned all over the U.S. and partnerships with brands like Warrior and TRX. (more…)

Zeppelin Lacrosse – Always in the Game

Lacrosse Videos

Zeppelin LacrosseThere’s nothing that helps grow the game more than great content with a sense of humor that can show the world what lacrosse really means for the players. Lacrosse is more than a game and this is what Zeppelin Lacrosse want to show in their four trailer-like videos. They also did a fun making-of video, also listed below. Bonus “Beercatcher” at the end! (more…)

World Lacrosse Championships – The Best Goals

Lacrosse Videos

The World Championships have ended for a while now and, although we already know how they turned out, you might want to (re)watch the coolest goals of the event, showcased in a video by Lacrosse All Stars, all wrapped up together with some kickin’ music.

Also, that hidden ball trick by Scotland Lacrosse was amazing, don’t you think? Which one was your favorite?

Sticks up!

Wales Lacrosse 2014

Lacrosse Videos

With just a couple weeks before the World Lacrosse Championships opening ceremony on the 10th of July, Wales has released a video that allows us to take an insider’s look at their training process and excitement so close to the main event of the year. It does make you feel excited with and for them and we can’t wait for the games to finally start. We’re pretty sure they’d agree with us as well.

Videos like this one are always enjoyable, as it brings players and fans closer together and allow a more intimate relationship between the two, also providing a great source of inspiration and motivation regardless of what anyone does.

Enjoy and tell us what you think of the video in the comments below! Sticks up!

The Story of Cascade Lacrosse

Lacrosse Videos

We love learning more about the people that keep us protected and efficient during our games and throughout our lacrosse career, and Cascade knows it. That is why they have taken the time to make the following video, in which they offer us a detailed look into their story and ongoing production process.

See how they test the helmets and how many people work on just one piece, learn about their policies and how hands-on they like to do things and get a general sense of the company, that boasts high quality products for their clients.

Watch the video with us and tell us what your opinion is in the comments below! Sticks up!

Michigan Lacrosse – The Will

Lacrosse Videos

Michigan Lacrosse have made an incredible video that probably describes and applies to every lacrosse team in the world. There is nothing that motivates a player more than seeing how hard others train, so watch these guys and do it even better! Definitely a video worth seeing.

Sticks up!

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You just can’t get enough of lacrosse, can you? Neither can we! As soon as we find an interesting, cool lacrosse video on the internet, we’ll be sure to share it with you! Lacrosse fan videos, lacrosse championship games or lacrosse highlights, you name it and we have it! Was there ever a better way to spend your time on the internet, than watching awesome lacrosse videos all day? Take a look!

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