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How to string a head by myself?

Pretty easy! Just choose the fitting mesh below and follow the steps:

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Brand Infos

Warrior Lacrosse (the number 1 in lacrosse)

...was founded 1993 by former stand-out lacrosse player David Morrow in Warren, Michigan USA. Morrow won a NCAA Championship with the Princeton Tigers Lacrosse Team and was a member of the 1994 and 1998 US Lacrosse National Team. As a premier manufacturer of innovative, high performance, cutting-edge equipment, Warrior Lacrosse is known as the number 1 of all lacrosse manufactures. Leading players like Snider, Schwartzman or Striebel put their trust in Warrior Lacrosse products. Through the purchase by New Balance in 2006, Warrior Lacrosse is now able to increase its high quality through joint product development. Here are some of the brand's innovative features:

Mesh Palm
The patented Mesh Palm of Warrior Lacrosse gloves guarentees great ventilation of your palm. It enables moisture to exhaust without losing grip.

Vaporvent Airflow
This patented technology is used for all Warrior Lacrosse gloves. Warrior is the only brand that offers perfect ventilation without losing protection and padding. Together with the Mesh Palms this technology creates vents throughout the back of the hand and palm, keeping the hands cool and dry at any time.

Quadra Cuff
The Quadra Cuff patented design takes its name from the set of muscles in the lower forearm that it protects. The Quadra Cuff is the small interior wrist cuff that is attached to the gloves with elastic bands. In a way it feels like it is floating over the wrist, so that it does not restrict mobility. The cuff has been downsized to allow the wrists maximum agility while still providing maximum protection.

Contour Cuff
With this technology Warrior Lacrosse created lacrosse gloves,which allow your wrists to flex both back and forth, as well as up and down. The Contour Cuff system bends the wrist cuff at a natural flex point in the glove, so you get maximum flexibility. This is essential for cradling, passing and shooting.

Brass Knuckles
The new Brass Monkey gloves are revolutionizing the industry with a new technology that keeps your fingers protected without loosing any flexibility. A super-durable, hard ABS plastic knuckle is atteched to the fingers with a soft TPR exterior shell that flexes and bends with you fingers. Try on a pair, you won't even notice the Brass Knuckles, that is, until you take a monster slash across your fingers and think it was a mosquito bite.

Brine Lacrosse

... was founded in the 1950s. That makes Brine Lacrosse one of the oldest producers of lacrosse equipment. In the 1970s the company identified Surlyn, a DuPont plastic, which is stable enough to endure the impacts of lacrosse games and practices. As a result of that Brine Lacrosse developed a molding technique for lacrosse heads. Up until today this concept is still being used to manufacture any lacrosse heads lacrosse heads. Like Warrior Lacrosse Brine Lacrosse was acquired by New Balance in 2006. Especially in the area of footwear the cooperation enables Brine Lacrosse to create new innovative lacrosse specialized performance footwear. The Brine King Series is one of the best and most wanted lacrosse equipment collection in the last few years. Here are some of the brand's technological advantages:

Hot Zone Protection
This technology is used in the Brine Lacrosse KING III Lacrosse Shoulder Pads. It makes Brine Lacrosse protection equipment conform to a player's body. The increased foam density in key areas gives the player extra protection where he needs it.

Tru Fit
The Brine Lacrosse Tru Fit technology is a key feature of its ST2 helmets. The Tru Fit foam liner molds help to fit the helmet perfectly to the shape of the player's head.

This is a technology which almost every lacrosse head manufacturer copied from Brine. It lowers the position of the ball in the pocket. This gives the player more control over the ball.

TPR Molded Cap
All Brine Lacrosse King III Arm Guards consist of this new technological feature. The compression molded lycra maximizes mobility and protects a player's elbows.

Butterfly System
All Brine King III Arm Guards also consist of this new technological feature, which allows the guard to cinch tighter on the arm.

Harrow Lacrosse

... has been making lacrosse equipment only for a few years, but are definitely on the passing lane. Harrow Lacrosse was the first company ever that introduced a graphite lacrosse stick in the lacrosse market and also the first company which designed a complete one piece lacrosse stick (head and shaft are made from one piece). Harrow Lacrosse is the only company that offers customization on everything that they do. They can customize all of their products with team colors and logos with their own screen printing and embroidery operation, which makes it very easy for them to service a team's customize order. Of course, Captain-Lax will forward this special service to your team. Instead of big marketing campaigns, Harrow Lacrosse puts its focus on the latest technologies and revolutionary inventions. Harrow Lacrosse shafts count as insider tips. Here are a few advantages and technologies of Harrow listed:

Built-In Endcap
Nearly all Harrow Lacrosse shafts consist of a Built-In Endcap, that means no more lost endcaps or bad stick control.

Advance Series
The Harrow Lacrosse Advance Series uses a special material composition. By adding more graphite, extra durability is created without making the shaft much heavier.

Stabilizing Internal Rib
By adding an internal rib to the inside of the shaft, Harrow Lacrosse was able to make its shafts more stable. This way Harrow Lacrosse composite shafts reach a maximum of stiffness.

Rubberized Grip
The special matt rubberized coating gives the player a perfect hold of the stick, but without the disadvantage of gloves sticking to the stick like glue. The women P9 shaft has got an extra gloss grip at the end of the shaft for maximum control in the game.

Concave Edges
The Concave Edges guarentee great stick control for every position.

Stress Flex Point
The tapered point positioned at the upper end of the shaft provides maximum torque power for shooting or passing.

No Connecting Cap
All Harrow Lacrosse women shafts do not need one of these ugly plastic adapters for the head. They simply become a little bit thicker at the top.

STX Lacrosse

... was founded in 1970. Therefore, STX Lacrosse is one of the most experienced manufacturers of lacrosse equipment. The name STX is a contraction of the word stick. It was the first company that made lacrosse heads out of plastic. Before that lacrosse sticks used to be made out of wood only. As the back-then new plastic heads were much lighter and less expensive, it is save to say that STX Lacrosse revolutionized the sport of lacrosse and contributed in a big way to its growth. Even today the company belongs to the elite manufacturers of the lacrosse business. The fact that many professional lacrosse players put their trust into STX Lacrosse products, shows the top standing of the brand today. Especially the K18 collection consists of some of the most popular and highest quality lacrosse equipment available. The equipment is based on a cooperation with Kyle Harrison - one of the best and most defining lacrosse players of the last decade. Here is a list of important STX Lacrosse features:

d3O Technology
This technology is being used by STX Lacrosse especially in the K18 protection series. Its special structure gives the player maximal agility and at the same time the material absorbs any impacts from an opponent.

isoBLOX Technology
STX Lacrosse uses this technology in its Cell protection series. This breathable material provides the player with great agility and also gives him superb shock absorbation.

STX Forward Cant Technology
Most of the latest STX Lacrosse heads are based on this technology. It makes sure that the ball always lies at one particular spot in the pocket, where the player wants it to be.

10 Degree Heads and Shafts
The 10 degree bending of the STX Lacrosse head and shaft gives the lacrosse stick a perfect balance. This improves a player's feeling for the ball.

deBeer Lacrosse

... was originally founded already in 1889 by Jacob deBeer, a German Dutch immigrant to the United States. He started of producing his own baseballs. Over the years the company grew to become a big sports equipment manufacturer. In 1994 deBeer expanded into the lacrosse business. Three years later Paul Gait - a lacrosse legend - joined deBeer Lacrosse as a consultant and since then he is responsible for the company's product design. Today deBeer Lacrosse is owned by K2 and produces only women's lacrosse gear. The company's partnership as the US National Women's Lacrosse Team's official equipment supplier proves what kind of an important stand the company has in women's lacrosse. Here are some of the unique technologies of deBeer Lacrosse:

Triax Grip
deBeer Lacrosse uses this technology for example for its Mystique composite shaft. It is a smaller section in the upper division of the shaft, which improves the player's control over the stick and the ball.

Tru-VU vision system
This innovative feature can be found in all goggles of deBeer Lacrosse. It reduces the glare in the line of sight.

Knotless Shooting String Adjusters
These allow easy shooting string adjustments without having to tie any knots.

Gait Lacrosse

... is the men's lacrosse equipment brand of K2. It is named after Paul Gait. He and his brother Gary are two of the most legendary lacrosse players of all times. At Gait Lacrosse Paul Gait is one of the leading product designers. Here are some of the company's innovative technologies:

This special Gait Lacrosse feature channels the pocket, in a way that gives the player a more accurate shot and also a quicker release point. As a result the player is able to take high-percentage shots even under great defensive pressure.

Recessed Lace Channels
Gait Lacrosse invented this patent pending technology to give players an advantage for ground ball pick-ups.

Multi-Flex Cuff
This innovative glove feature provides a player with unmatched wrist flexibility without sacrificing protection.


... was started on a napkin in a restaurant in the year 2007. 1Lacrosse is specialized in customizing lacrosse shafts. Brian DeSpain - the founder - traveled all over the world playing and teaching the game of lacrosse. From all these travels he found out that lacrosse can be used to connect people no matter of their culture, age, race or even language. This inspired him to start his company 1Lacrosse. This special approach also lead to the idea of customizing the shafts of each national team, that attended the 2010 Lacrosse World Cup in Manchester.

Under Armour

... was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank. The former college football player revolutionized football apparel. Up until then only cotton t-shirts were used to be worn underneath football shoulder pads. Plank was the first one, who started wearing tight and breathable underwear, which was made out of light and synthetic fibre. This innovation was the basis on which the company Under Armour was founded. At first the brand became more and more popular within football and lacrosse teams. Today it has established itself in all different kinds of sports. In the US retail market Under Armour has caught up to industry giants. E.g. at Dick's Sporting Goods Under Armour is making a larger textile turnover than Nike or Adidas. Here are some of the features, for which the brand is known for:

Cold Gear
Cold Gear is a material developed by Under Armour, which athletes wear during cold weather conditions. The innovative moisture technology keeps the body dry and at the same time warm. In addition to that the Cold Gear provides sun protection of 30+ and the anti-odor technology keeps bad smell away from your body.

Heat Gear
Heat Gear is a material developed by Under Armour, which athletes wear during hot weahter conditions. The innovative moisture technology keeps the body dry and at the same time conveniently cool. In addition to that just like the Cold Gear, the Heat Gear provides sun protection of 30+ and the anti-odor technology keeps bad smell away from your body.

Compression Material
Under Armour products made out of this material stick really tight to the body. The compression reduces muscle vibrations and therefore decreases any waste of energy. This results in a measurable performance increase which has been proven by several universities.

Catalyst Material
The catalyst material is Under Armour's way to protect the environment. Unbelievable, but true: Catalyst material is made out of recycled plastic bottles.

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