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Cascade Cascade Lacrosse Helm S Youth Steel Mask

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TheS Youth Cascade helmet is perfect for younger players looking for a helmet with the same quality and protection that have proven in adult helmets. The helmet is specially designed for children and teenagers: The S Youth Cascade Helmet features Tri-Liner protection, the SuperMono shell and the reinforced S-Series Jaw design. Heat and moisture are not a problem due to the large air holes in the crown of the helmet. In addition to the increased rigidity of the chin section for more protection, the helmet offers a stable shift of the center of gravity so that the helmet is optimally aligned.

Advantages of the S Youth Cascade helmet:

  • With proven S-Series components for premium protection:
    • Tri-Liner-Protection
    • SuperMono-Shell
    • S-Series Jaw-design
  • appropriate fit for younger players
  • head circumference up to 533 mm (21 cm)
  • improved stiffness of the reinforced chin section
  • enhanced visibility due to optimally aligned center of gravity
Cascade S Youth Technology
The Cascade S Youth helmet uses the Tri-Liner System with the Supermono™ S Shell and many other technologies and details as a unit for ultimate protection.
Designed for force impacts that hit the front, the GEN4 EPP system counteracts. The forehead and front of the head are thus perfectly protected. In addition, the ventilation holes let in cool air, sweat dries faster and the helmet is more comfortable to wear.
NV 3
The highest protection in the center of the helmet is provided by the highly functional foam of NV 3 technology. Regardless of how heavy or strong the impact, the precisely molded material maintains its excellent shape and comfort.
Seven Technology
For collisions and force impacts for the sides, Seven Technology supports the shell: the energy is displaced to the side and compressed. Within a few seconds, the protection restores itself and is ready for the next impact. The recurring protection is of great importance during play and prevents insecurity. The impact zones on the side and the rear are the most important zones and therefore need special protection.
The functional shell of the helmet ensures that the helmet does not slip forward or backward. The center of gravity of the helmet is concentrated in the middle of the head, the so-called crown. The weight is shifted, allowing the player a better view through the facemask and the helmet sits balanced. Better comfort is also provided as a result. To this end, the visor and the one-piece shell form a rigid system that the Tri-Liner System supports and absorbs impacts.
The zone on the chin is one of the most important, as impacts to the chin can be very painful. Cascade uses reinforcement and two materials in the S Youth helmet to give this zone improved rigidity.
Maximum ventilation is ensured by the XFLO vents. The vents provide 2x better and more functional breathability than ordinary helmets. The air circulation ensures quick drying of sweat and keeps a cool head. The cool air flows through the helmet and out of the rear XFLO vents. Combined with the SUPERMONO™ S YOUTH SHELL, the helmet is designed to be as balanced, stable and well ventilated as possible.
If the helmet is too loose the first time you wear it, this is not a problem at all thanks to this technology: the head circumference is easily customizable. The jaw pads and head circumference are micro-adjustable. So the weight is not only concentrated in the center of the head, the player gets in addition a fit that can be modified fast.
Keeping your eye on the ball while concentrated playing is made possible with PowerPress technology. The wire diameter of the facemask is reduced to make it easier to see through the facemask. The larger field of vision ensures that the ball and the players remain in the field of vision. Another advantage is the stronger stiffness of the Facemask, which provides better protection during hits.

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