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Lacrosse Accessories

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Warrior Lacrosse Burn Flex Switch Lacrosse Cuffs
14,95 EUR
from 9,95 EUR
CLUB Price 10,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Warrior Lacrosse Riot Switch Cuff Fade
14,95 EUR
from 10,95 EUR
CLUB Price 9,50 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Warrior Lacrosse Riot Witch Cuff Houndstooth
14,95 EUR
from 10,95 EUR
CLUB Price 9,45 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping

Various Lacrosse Accessoires at the Captain-Lax Online-Shop

The sortiment of the Captain-Lax Online-Shop contains of course a wide range of various Lacrosse Accessoires besides all standard articles of Lacrosse equipment, which are exclusively available in the most different variations, colours, designs and stylings on You can find almost any Lacrosse Accessoire available on the international market also in our Lacrosse Online-Shop. Beginning with various Lacrosse coach and training aids, you can find different products for practising shoots, attacks or moves in the category Lacrosse Accessoires. Furthermore the category Lacrosse Accessoires offers unique Lacrosse balls in every colour. Particularly the balls of our own brand Captain-Lax are prefered by all our customers. The Captain-Lax Lacrosse balls all meet the NCAA specifications and are containing a cute Captain-Lax monkey logo. Of course also Lacrosse balls made by other brands are also available in the wide product range of the exclusive Lacrosse Online-Shop, like for example Brine and Harrow. The special Lacrosse goals, which are playing a main role in the game of Lacrosse, are also provided in our Online-Shop. The intention of the Lacrosse team always is to shoot the ball into the Lacrosse goal in order to score and win the game after time is up. To practise the own possibilities of shooting and to increase the potential of perfect scoring, we suggest the special Lacrosse goal targets with holes in all corners for practising precise shoots. The special Lacrosse goals are available in differnt sizes meeting the corresponding requirements for various sections of Lacrosse. Either the brand of Brine or Captain-Lax produce Lacrosse goals of high quality.

Mouth Guards for Laxer

For the special protection against pain and injuries in the area of the mouth and teeth, the Captain-Lax Online-Shop provides special Opro Mouthguards. These are made of an innovated special material and can perfectly adjust to the shape of the teeth from the first moment on. The perfect fit allows the best possible potential of protection.

Further Lacrosse Accessories at Captain-Lax

Various other Lacrosse Accessoires are to find within the category More Lacrosse Accessoires. For example the practical End Caps for Lacrosse Shafts are to find in the preferred colours in our sortiment, of course also with the cute logo of the Captain-Lax monkey. Stylistic Lacrosse stickers are furhtermore obtainable which will spice up the one or the other thing with the needed portion of Lacrosse. Nice Lacrosse wristbands in various designs and colours and for particularly enthusiastic fans of Lacrosse, the Captain-Lax Online-Shop offers special pins with the cute monkey logo.

Also for children among Lacrosse players the top brands of Lacrosse manufacturers have started to design special Lacrosse Complete Sticks in a smaller version. This means also the youngest can start playing Lacrosse and having fun at once. Whether attack or goalie, the assortment of the Captain-Lax Online-Shop features the perfect fitting Lacrosse complete stick for every kids Lacrosse player.

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