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Coach and Training Aids

Captain-Lax Coaches Game Notepad
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Captain-Lax Training Bib neon orange
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Maverik lacrosse proven tank reversible black
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STX Repair Kit Rebounder
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STX Rebounder Multi Position
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Lacrosse Coach and Training Aids from the Captain-Lax Online-Shop

To perform as a successful Lacrosse Team, hard work and especially many collaborative training sessions are absolutely necessary, to create a perfectly harmonious team play of every team mate. The same importance is played by shots on goal in the sport of Lacrosse. In order to win the game, the Lacrosse ball needs to be shot on the opponent's goal and score. To increase the potential of a goal it is particularly important to practise shoting during the training. For this purpose the Captain-Lax Online Shop offers Lacrosse Goal Targets, which are perfectly suitable, because they can be easily installed at a Lacrosse Goal and contain holes and notches in the edges for shoting practise. The holes nearly simulate the natural movements of a Lacrosse Goalie and defend the corresponding areas which a Goalie would also defend. Therfore the successful shoting can be practised very easily and the potential of scoring can be increased.
Another favoured training aid constitutes the so-called Bounce Back Wall. Due to this Bounce Back Wall, precise and perfectly timed passes can be practised. Because of the also very easy way of transportation and installation this special Trainings Aid is also very useful and the training can start immediately.

Tips and tricks on Lacrosse DVDs

If a Lacrosse Player wants to learn some tricks and drills from a professional Lacrosse player, the corresponding DVDs are available in the sortiment of the Captain-Lax Online-Shop. The DVD can be of course played easily, wherefore helpful and practical advise as well as information will be explained.
For more comfortable Lacrosse Players who often spend some time with Lacrosse at home, the Lacrosse DVD is optimally suitable and can be played on the PC or TV in order to learn new tricks.

Lacrosse Balls in different colors

Shoting practise often means a high consumption of many Lacrosse balls, being also available in the product range of the Captain-Lax Online-Shop. You rarely will be in the mood of collecting every single ball right after every shot, therefore the special Lacrosse collectors, so-called shag bags are available which simplyfy the collecting and accelerate it. Due to this useful training aid, the collection of balls is a breeze and not annoying.

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