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Warrior Lacrosse Fatboy Evo Warp QX Complete Stick
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Maverik Optik Alloy complete stick
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Complete Sticks – From the early beginning

Lacrosse was originally played by the North American Indians back in the 17th century. They built sticks by their own, made out of wood. They were constructed as one piece – shaft and head have not been separated. The Indians stringed the first “complete sticks” with their own manufactured laces to build a mesh. The separation of head and stick did not take place at this time, but of course, today we have the choice between complete sticks and head / shaft bought individually.
The benefits of a complete version are:

  • tailored technical aspects
  • color-coordinated
  • simplified buying decision
  • worthwhile prices
  • wide range of products

Complete Sticks – The easiest way to buy your lacrosse equipment

The ELF (European Lacrosse Federation) specifies rules that have to be considered before buying a complete stick. The complete stick of a male attacker must have a length of circa 40.5 inches and the stick of a defender must have a length of 70.5 inches. The goalie is in between with 55.1 inches. The diameter of 3.5” must not be exceeded.
Our models and products have a high-end quality as we purchase them from top brand manufacturers like Brine, Harrow, Warrior, Gait or STX Lacrosse. The main differences between these brands are the used materials. They have a strong impact in connection with the weight, the stability, the grip and the handling and involve the material selection, the structure and the composition.

Male Lacrosse Shafts – Made out of wood or metal?

The differences of a shaft arise mainly because of the used material that has an impact on the handling, grip and the weight as already mentioned. The players have to run very fast and dodge the opponent with their complete sticks and in addition they have to have high control over it.
The Aluminum Shaft for example has a good material/weight-ratio. In contrast the Titanium Shaft is better, because it is more durable and can withstand the physical forces. The Alloy Shaft manages the best material compositions and it is the shaft with the least weight and the highest resistance. Some manufacturers cover the stick with a special substance that amplifies the grip and generates a special feeling. Recently it is fashionable to “Go back to the roots!” and use a wooden shaft. Here you should be careful and take a look on the disadvantages as well, as wooden shafts have less grip, are higher in weight and have a special bending. You find more information about the “MAN Lacrosse Shafts“ in the attendant category.

Male Lacrosse Heads – Onset or Offset?

The male lacrosse heads have different features that have to be considered. The offset, or also called forward cant head, slopes on the point where head and shaft touch each other. As a result the ball sits deeper in the pocket and the control over it is increased. The passes and shots get more precession. The onset head is fixed straight on the shaft. We recommend this kind of head for beginners as it is possible for them to learn the fundamental principles of lacrosse, although it is more difficult to play this kind of head.

Stiffness vs. Flexibility: What is better?
A stiffer head makes a harder and more effective checking possible. This is a quite important part of the game for the male lacrosse game. With a more flexible head it is easier to pick up the groundballs.

Narrow or Wide: Who wins? The density of a narrow head features a better control over the ball and minimizes the attacker’s field. The wide head facilitated the interception of the opposing balls and the passes within the creases. You can find more information about these topics here.

No matter what your strengths and weaknesses are, no matter which type of shaft you prefer, no matter which position or training level is yours, you will find the right complete stick for male players right here in our shop.

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