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Lacrosse Complete Sticks

Maverik Twist Lacrosse Women Complete Stick
49,95 EUR
from 29,95 EUR
CLUB Price 28,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
STX Fortress 100 - Mesh Complete Stick
45,95 EUR
from 39,95 EUR
CLUB Price 37,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
STX Exult 200 Women Complete Stick
57,99 EUR
from 37,95 EUR
CLUB Price 36,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Nike Lunar Fly Complete Stick
from 249,95 EUR
CLUB Price 237,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Nike Victory Elite Complete Stick
from 249,95 EUR
CLUB Price 237,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Maverik Axiom G4 complete stick
from 150,95 EUR
CLUB Price 143,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Nike Lunar Elite 3 Complete Stick
from 199,95 EUR
CLUB Price 189,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
STX Lilly Women Complete Stick Crux Mesh
41,95 EUR
from 29,95 EUR
CLUB Price 27,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Maverik Ascent + FM complete stick
from 292,95 EUR
CLUB Price 278,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping

Complete Sticks – From the North American Indians until today

Lacrosse invented in the 17th century by the North American Indians. The first lacrosse sticks have been made from one piece of wood. They covered the ‘head’ with a mesh of handmade cords and laces. The “complete stick” was born. A separated head and shaft was not available during this time. Today, we have the option to buy these two parts divided.
However, to buy a complete stick has some nice benefits:

  • technical synchronization
  • synchronization in color
  • simplified bargain
  • favorable price
  • plenty of complete sticks

Complete Sticks – An easy way to equip yourself with gear

Before buying a complete stick it is important to take care of the European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) rules. The lacrosse complete stick for female lacrosse players have to be between 40 to 43.3 inches. The diameter has to be less than 3.5”. After this has been taken into account, take your complete stick, a goggle, a Captain Lax ball and you are ready for the next match.
Our models and products have a high quality. We buy them from top brands like STX Lacrosse, Warrior, Brine, Harrow or Gait. Each manufacturer has own production technologies for their lacrosse equipment and uses different materials to produce his complete sticks. This has a high impact on the stability, grip, handling and weight because the material, structure and compositions differ.

Female Lacrosse Shafts – Metal or wood?

The Shaft differs only in the material composition, which has an impact on the weight, the grip and the handling. The female players have to run, dodge and control the ball. Therefore the texture and nature of the stick is very important. An aluminum shaft has a very good ratio of weight and hardness. However the titanium shaft has more benefits as it is the most durable and stable shaft that bears the physical forces of the lacrosse game. The alloy shaft unifies a variety of different metals and is the lightest shaft with a high resistance. Some manufacturers cover the shaft for a special grip and feeling. A new trend is the usage of wooden shafts that captures the old traditions. They look very cool, but have some drawbacks as they are heavier with often less grip and a special curvature.

Female Lacrosse Heads: Onset or Offset, which one is the right one?

Female lacrosse headsare not created equally! A forward cant head or offset scopes at the throat (point at which head and shaft are linked together) so that the ball sits deeper in the pocket. The ball control increases and the passes are more precise. The onset head is fixed straight away and is the best choice for beginners, because they will learn how to handle the most difficult head in the game.

Stiffness vs. Flexibility: And the winner is… The stiffness of the head influences the checking: it can be harder and more effective. Nevertheless for the female lacrosse game this is less important. To pick up a groundball fast and easy a softer head is more advisable.

Narrow or Wide: The better choice is… The control over the ball is better with a narrow lacrosse head and delivers fewer targets for the opposing team. However a wide head is more recommendable within the crease of the field as the player can catch the balls in a better way, as well as the defender can capture the ball from the opposing team easier.

It doesn’t matter how good you are within the game, what your strength and weaknesses may be and which preferences you have, you will find the right complete stick in our shop.

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