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Cascade Lacrosse Coaches Hardware Kit
24,95 EUR
19,95 EUR
CLUB Price 17,95 EUR
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Cascade Lacrosse Chin Strap
from 5,95 EUR
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Cascade Lacrosse Helmet R Black Chrome Mask
264,95 EUR
234,95 EUR
CLUB Price 224,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping

Lacrosse Helmets from the Captain-Lax Online-Shop

Men's Lacrosse is the more aggressive version of the Lacrosse sport and therefore is subjected to stricter rules, also in terms of protection wear, in comparison to the women's Lacrosse game. This is the reason for Lacrosse Helmets having to be worn compulsory, just like shoulder pads and special Lacrosse gloves. In Lacrosse the hard metal-made complete sticks can hit the head or even the ball can cause serious injuries upon one of the most sensitive areas of the body. This is why Lacrosse Helmets have to feature very robust and resilient characteristics which also are tested by rigorous security checks. Accordingly the Captain-Lax Online-Shop only sells Lacrosse Helmets being certified for the European market and meeting all various standards of security for a non-limited protective potential.
Lacrosse Helmets are made of a special hard plastic material, providing very good resistance and therefore being able to defend against unintentional and powerful impact upon the head by the opponent's complete stick. Most Helmets contain a special interior cushioning made of separate and removable pads, enabling a very simplified adjustment to the personal shape of the head, in order to create a comfortable and optimal fit of the Lacrosse Helmet. Besides the perfect fit, also the best possible fastening should be gained because the Helmet otherwise could release and come off too easy during faster movements or duels.
The special Lacrosse Helmets from the Captain-Lax Online-Shop are mostly monochrome but equipped with a simply removable visor and chin, also being available in the product range of the Captain-Lax Online-Shop. The new Lacrosse Helmet thus can be given a completely new and stylish look in an instant, without requiring complex movements. The personal favorite color certainly is offered in our shop and may soon bring a new shine to the Lacrosse Helmet. Also different chinstraps for easy fixation below the Helmet for additional protection can be bought in our Captain-Lax Online-Shop.
Helmets in the men's Lacrosse sport thus represent one of the most important protective articles, comparable to the Helmets of motorsports and cycling, offering high protection against various injuries in the sensitive area of the head, which would not to be trifled with. Even while practicing such Lacrosse Helmets should be worn, what reasonable Lacrosse players of course know and also do. With such a protective article the next Lacrosse game can come and furthermore the individually combinable chins and visors in multiple colors will express one self’s personality on the court.

Top Brands at Captain-Lax

The Captain-Lax Online-Shop offers multiple Lacrosse products being made by high-graded brands. To these belong for example Warrior, Brine, Harrow, Gait, DeBeer or STX Lacrosse, also an own product line of Captain-Lax is offered, being easily recognizable by the cute monkey logo. No matter whether goalie, men's or women's Lacrosse player, the well-selected assortment of the Captain-Lax Online-Shop offers everything for the single categories and furthermore diverse special Lacrosse accessories are obtainable.

Lacrosse Product Guide for consulting

If questions about the products arise or just a simple guidance is desired, the special category, called Lacrosse Product-Guide, provides helpful information. Of course you are also allowed to contact our customers' service at any time which will competently offer support and help willingly for your full satisfaction.

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