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Lacrosse Shaft Attack Lacrosse Shaft Attack Lacrosse Shaft Box Lacrosse Shaft Box Lacrosse Shaft Defense Lacrosse Shaft Defense
STX Z70 OCS Alloy Lacrosse Defense Shaft
99,99 EUR
from 79,95 EUR
CLUB Price 74,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Maverik A1 Lacrosse Attack Shaft
89,99 EUR
from 84,95 EUR
CLUB Price 79,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
from 120,95 EUR
CLUB Price 114,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
StringKing Defense - 350 A Series
from 110,95 EUR
CLUB Price 105,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping

Large selection Lacrosse Shafts on

Lacrosse Shaft, this is the keyword of the concerning category. These long, very thin, metal-made and to a pipe comparable things play a large role in the sport of Lacrosse. Without such a Lacrosse Shaft a Lacrosse match could scilicet not take place. Even if these long products are simple looking, they contain real technological innovations, developed by various, well-respected manufacturers of Lacrosse, like Warrior, Brine, Harrow, Gait, 1Lacrosse and STX Lacrosse, giving a Lacrosse Shaft its actual look and abilities over the years for a long time. Lacrosse Shafts are unique, produced within a complex manufacturing process and especially filed in its playing features.
In former times it was common, that Lacrosse Shafts were made of Aluminum. Because of the very lightweight characteristics of Aluminum material, these Shafts offered an excellent weight-to-strength ratio and therefore were the most announced Lacrosse Shafts. Until today different producers started to invest into research and progress of new high technological materials to create new innovations and methods. At the moment Lacrosse Shafts made of Composite Material or Titanium are leading because they offer an even better stability-to-weight ratio than normal Aluminum Shafts. Of course Aluminum Shafts are still produced and can be used by players on every position.

Length of Shafts varies between the different positions

In Lacrosse there is a differentiation between attack,defense and goalie players which all need different Shafts. Attack players have to be very flexible and agile, therefore a Shaft which is too long is not allowed to disturb the attacking process. Attack players therefore use the shortest version of Shafts, the so-called attack Shaft which is about 30'', meaning 76 cm.
The defending players need however a much longer Lacrosse Shaft to defend the opponent's attacking procedures. Therefore they use the longest Lacrosse Shafts with a total size of 60'', around 1.50 m. Lacrosse Defense Shafts are due to their size very bulky, for this negative characteristic the Captain-Lax Online-Shop offers special Stick bags for a much more easier transportation of these large Defense Shafts.
Lacrosse Goalie Shafts for the goal keepers among Lacrosse players contain a middle length with about 40'' in length, being around 1m. In the category Goalie Equipment Goalie Shafts are available next to other goalie articles in our Online-Shop.
Lacrosse Shafts are used as a stick and base of installation for special Lacrosse Heads. This Lacrosse Head forms the distinctive Lacrosse Complete Stick in combination with a Lacrosse Shaft. Available in various colors, patterns, materials and grips the Lacrosse Shafts offered on contain a very good quality. Depending on the material therefore every single Shaft offers different features in terms of weight, stability, robustness, durability and stiffness. To create a better overview, the different types of Lacrosse Shafts are distinguished into single groups. Furthermore our customers receive more information in the domain Lacrosse Product Guide. All manufacturers we work together with in our Online-Shop are introduced in the domain advices.

Shafts for Lacrosse Ladies

For female Lacrosse players our product line of course offers special Shafts which are matching in terms of color and can convince optically from the first moment but also contain a very high quality of materials by top brands of the Lacrosse sport. The Captain-Lax Online-Shop furthermore assorts a collection of numerous other accessories and Lacrosse equipment for women, for example women's Lacrosse Heads or Complete Sticks.

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