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Lacrosse Shaft Defense

As a lacrosse defender you need the right lacrosse defense shaft. Here you find a lot of different defense lacrosse shafts from Warrior Lacrosse, Brine or Harrow Lacrosse. The defense lacrosse shafts are made out of composite, titanium shafts or alloy lacrosse shafts.

Brine Lacrosse Clutch 5 Defense Lacrosse Shaft
99,95 EUR
from 49,95 EUR
CLUB Price 47,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Maverik Caliber shaft 2021 defense
from 174,95 EUR
CLUB Price 165,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
STX Hammer 700 Composite Lacrosse Defense Shaft
199,99 EUR
179,95 EUR
CLUB Price 177,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
STX Hammer 500 -225 Flex- Defense Lacrosse Shaft
231,95 EUR
169,95 EUR
CLUB Price 167,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
STX Hammer SC Lacrosse Defense Shaft
119,95 EUR
from 109,95 EUR
CLUB Price 107,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Nike Vandal Handle Defensive
from 109,95 EUR
CLUB Price 104,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
StringKing Defense - 380 A Series
from 130,95 EUR
CLUB Price 124,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
StringKing Defense - 350 A Series
from 110,95 EUR
CLUB Price 105,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
STX 6000 Lacrosse Defense Shaft
34,95 EUR
from 29,95 EUR
CLUB Price 27,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Maverik Mission Blank Lacrosse Defense Shaft
149,95 EUR
from 129,95 EUR
CLUB Price 127,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
STX Hammer 7000 Lacrosse Defense Shaft
69,95 EUR
from 64,95 EUR
CLUB Price 62,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping

Special Lacrosse Defense Shafts on

Lacrosse Defense players need more specialized equipment for Lacrosse games than Lacrosse Attack or Goalie players. Just looking at the basic equipment, meaning the Lacrosse Complete Stick, you already notice the much longer appearance of a Lacrosse Defense Complete Stick in comparison to a Lacrosse Attack Complete Stick. For a Lacrosse Game, to take place, it is necessary to own a Lacrosse Complete Stick. For this reason our Captain-Lax Online-Shop of course offers every single component which Lacrosse defense Complete Sticks are made of. Meaning the Lacrosse Defense Shaft and the Lacrosse Head. Lacrosse Defense Shafts are sized 60'' in length, which is about 1.50m. Due to the very long, tube-shaped form of the Lacrosse Defense Shaft many possibilities to stop the opponent's attacks occur for the defensive player.
On Defense Shafts in various designs can be bought and individually selected according to the personal requirements. Whether the color, weight, design, hardness, flexibility or playability of the Defense Shaft, our assortment offers a wide range, where everybody can surely find a fitting article.

Top Brands at Captain-Lax

The Captain-Lax Online-Shop extends diverse top brands like Warrior, Brine, Harrow, STX Lacrosse and Gait in its product line, which all together display a very high-graded quality and therefore produce best satisfaction, concerning the playing characteristics of all products. Also the converting of the used, high-quality materials are first class level and therefore fitted to the requirements of a high leveled Lacrosse game.
The combination of a Lacrosse Defense Shaft with a matching Lacrosse head creates an individual Lacrosse defense Complete Stick for every player. Within the years of course new technologies and innovations have been developed and found, wherefore the latest product line on the world wide Lacrosse market offers a multifaceted collection of diverse Lacrosse Defense Shafts containing various features.

Features of Lacrosse Defense Shafts

The current leading models within Lacrosse Defense Shafts are very lightweight, have an excellent grip and also a perfect weight-to-hardness-ratio for long durability, very good robustness and a unique control. These features are depending on the price category, manufacturers and requirements. When selecting a Lacrosse Defense Shaft it is important to compare personal playing abilities to the various features of the single Defense Shaft models to find the perfectly matching Lacrosse Shaft.

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