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Lacrosse Stringing Accessories available at Captain-Lax

In the wide product range of the Captain-Lax Online-Shop various Lacrosse heads for goalies or attack and defense players are available. These Lacrosse heads can be purchased, depending on the personal preference, either as an already strung version or as an unstrung head. Especially experienced or professional Lacrosse players prefer the simple, unstrung models of Lacrosse heads, because in this case the possibility of creating an individual new Lacrosse head just after the personal desire and features by the Stringing is given.
If you thus own an unstrung version of Lacrosse head, you also need special Lacrosse Stringing articles for the Stringing. The Captain-Lax Online-Shop offers all sorts of different Stringing kits for an individual Lacrosse head. Lacrosse Stringing accessories are available either as a complete Stringing kit, containing all needed components, or as a single Lacrosse mesh which needs to be adjusted to the Lacrosse head.
Lacrosse Stringing kits are divided into a goalie and an attack or defense version because of the different sizes of the corresponding heads. Depending on the personal skills, playing characteristics or preferences, you can choose between 12 or 6 Diamond, as well as hard or soft mesh Stringing Kits. Also single Lacrosse meshes are available in the Captain-Lax Online-Shop in multiple and trendy colors. Certainly the personal favorite color will be obtainable and soon the new head can bring out an extraordinary look upon the court even making the opponents jealous.

Lacrosse stringing guide in Captain-Lax Product Guide

Lacrosse is divided into men's and women's Lacrosse, therefore also making out differences in the manufacturing process of heads, especially of the frame and of course also of the Stringing. For female laxers therefore the Captain-Lax Online-Shop presents an own category, called women lax, containing special women's Stringing accessories. Here even more colorful variations and versions are available. Instructions and assistance information about the right method of Stringing are either delivered with the Stringing kit or can be downloaded from our website in the domain Lacrosse Product-Guide. The new Stringing will soon make your head a personal item embodying the individual mentality and providing even more fun in the sport of Lacrosse.
Not only various Stringing accessories in multiple variations but also everything that has got something to do with Lacrosse is available in the product range of the Captain-Lax Online-Shop.
For example miscellaneous Captain-Lax accessories, like unique Lacrosse balls, including the cute monkey logo, or individual end caps in the greatest colors, are offered.

Lacrosse Protection for men and women

In the first instance Lacrosse protection accessories possess a main importance wherefore numerous protective articles are available in our product range, whether a classical shoulder pad, Lacrosse gloves, goggles for ladies or also special mouth guards, you won't find anything that is not available in our Online-Shop. Browsing through the single categories you might come across the one or the other surprise, providing unlimited enthusiasm soon after having received the goods.
Even Lacrosse apparel does not come off badly in the Captain-Lax Online-Shop. Various Under Armour functional apparel or also DLAXV products within the Merchandise Shop are available on our website.

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