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Training with the Zen Core Reaction Balls

Zen Core Reaction Balls

With the Zen Core Reaction Balls you playfully train your whole body and have fun during the training. In addition to speed, endurance and responsiveness, the reaction balls require all your muscles. If you thought Zen Core can only do socks or top triggerpoint massage products, then you thought wrong, because now you can start with the reaction balls and your reaction training. With the different types of training balls from Zen Core, the optimal training device is available for everyone. Find out all about them here!


What are reaction balls?

The Zen Core reaction balls are an ideal training device that is perfectly suited for improving reaction speed, hand-eye coordination and mobility, among other things. Reaction balls are small handy rubber balls in different sizes and with different degrees of hardness. This makes it clear that the balls also have different weights, but also that we have the right ball for every hand size and every training stage. But if you think now, great it is just a round ball, I can also take my lacrosse ball, then your are wrong. Zen Core's Reaction Balls have bugles and pimples so that they bounce back in different directions as soon as they are thrown onto a surface.


Zen Core Reaction Ball Soft Blue

Zen Core Reaction Ball - Soft Blau Action

The Zen Core Reaction Ball Soft Blue is with 10x10cm the biggest one of the reaction balls. It bounces uncontrollably with its pleasantly soft surface, but is very well suited for large hands. All features of the Soft Blue at a glance:


  • Zen Core Reaction Ball - Soft Blau BallImproves reaction speed, hand-eye-coordination, speed, agility, skill, concentration and much more
  • Jumps back uncontrollably if it is thrown on a hard surface
  • Used by professional players
  • Material: soft rubber
  • Weight: 175g
  • Size: 10x10x10cm
  • Suitable for large hands
  • Starter product



Zen Core Reaction Ball Soft Red

Zen Core Reaction Ball - Soft Red Action

The Zen Core Reaction Ball Soft Red is with 7x7 cm one of the small reaction balls. It jumps around a bit faster and its size makes it suitable for small hands. All features of Soft Red at a glance:


  • Zen Core Reaction Ball - Soft RedImproves hand-eye-coordination, speed, concentration, dexterity, reaction, agility and much more
  • Jumps back uncontrollably when thrown onto a surface
  • Soft version with ringed nubs
  • Used by professional players
  • Material: soft rubber
  • Weight: 70g
  • Size: 7x7x7cm
  • Suitable for small hands
  • Starter product



Zen Core Reaction Ball Hard Purple

Zen Core Reaction Ball - Hard Purple Action

The Zen Core Reaction Ball Hard Purple is with 7x7cm one of the small Reactionballs. With its pleasantly smooth surface, it has very strong jumping characteristics and is well suited for small hands. All characteristics of the Hard Violet at a glance:


  • Zen Core Reaction Ball - Hard PurpleImproves speed, agility, concentration, reaction speed, hand-eye coordination, skill and much more
  • Jumps back uncontrollably when thrown onto a surface
  • Hard variant, jumps back from the ground faster
  • Used by professional players
  • Material: hard rubber
  • Weight: 70g
  • Size: 7x7x7cn
  • Suitable for small hands
  • Construction product


Training Options

Reaction Ball training possibilities are many! It is important that you have enough space. Basically you can train together or alone at any time, depending on your preference. In principle, the ball is thrown against a hard surface from which it bounces bak in an unpredictable direction.

At the partner game or in a group you can try to play the ball or play one after the other and see who makes the most throws. In a larger group you can also play the Zen Core Reaction Ball to each other and if you can't catch it, you are eliminated until there is a winner left at the end.

To see if you improve, you can also write down how many throws you make in a row or stop time.

With a little creativity you will surely come up with more variations of the game. As you can see you can train your fitness and do sports and have a lot of fun with and without your friends.


You train with the Zen Core Reaction Balls...

As already mentioned, the reaction balls train your entire body. Through the movement you do, running, catching, snatching,... every muscle in your body is stressed. Besides the muscles, your brain is also under power, because you concentrate on the ball all the time and focus its movements. This will train your ability to react very strongly, which is not unimportant for the lacrosse game either. You'll also learn a lot about coordination, for example hand-eye-coordination, which is also very important when it comes to catching the lacrosse ball. Don't forget your skill and stamina, which is very demanding when training with the Zen Core Reactionballs. The fact that the reaction balls are used by professional players of the lacrosse, tennis, cricket as well as badminton and squash area shows how positively the balls can support your training.

Here we also have a video about the Zen Core Reactionballs for you:


Zen Core Massage

Besides the reaction balls, Zen Core also has massage products for the so-called triggerpoint massage. Super against tensions for do-it-yourself or partner massage. You can find all information about these massage balls and peanuts on our Zen Core Triggerpoint Massage page.

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