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Nike Arise Women Lacrosse Complete Stick Alloy 6000 Precision

Art. Nr.: oNike-CS-ARLT-CS
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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 130 × 10 × 5 cm

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The Nike Arise Beginner Complete Stick Alloy 6000 Precision is the right choice for new players. The light weight facilitates fast running without heavy load. The sidewall is stiff and stable, despite the low weight. In addition, the raised sidewall provides greater ball control, especially during passes. The player-friendly stick stands for durability and stability. The Complete Stick is suitable for all new players and those who those who want to become one. Especially for midfielders, for whom accuracy and ball control are important

Advantages of the Nike Arise Beginner Complete Stick Alloy 6000 Precision:

  • optimal stability and durability
  • light weight
  • stiff and stable sidewall
  • perfect for beginners, newcomers, specifically midfielders

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