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Warrior Lacrosse Burn XP Carbon Defense Shaft

Art. Nr.: oWL-BXPDH1

Additional information

Weight 270 g
Dimensions 60 × 3 × 3 cm


LAX Material

LAX Shaft Form

LAX Shaft Grip

LAX Erfahrungslevel

LAX Shaft Endkappe




The Warrior Lacrosse Burn XP Carbon Defense Shaft will not slip out of your hand and will stand by you for a long time. The new Dot Matrix grip provides full control over the handle. It also minimizes wear and tear on gloves. The carbon material is light and stiff. Two endos are possible. The Warp end cap provides maximum leverage when shooting. The Warrior end cap allows for a very lightweight setup.

Advantages of the Warrior Lacrosse Burn XP Carbon Defense Shaft:

  • Speed Form
  • Dot Matrix Grip
  • does not slip out of the hand
  • Minimizes wear and tear on gloves
  • Minimus Carbon material is light and strong
  • 2 end caps: 1 Warp end cap or 1 Warrior end cap attachable


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