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    The Shock Doctor Ultra Single Braces Mouthguard Lacrosse provides aspecial shape as well as consistence, which cover the upper row ofteeth and therefore this mouthgurad can still be used as the teethadjust through the orthodontic treatment. Thanks to the breathingchannels it is easier to breathe and this mouthguard meets allregulations…

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    The STX Women Launch II Middle – Pocket Stringing Piece provides an excellent hold as well as speed, precision and durability. Advantages of the STX Women Launch II Middle – Pocket Stringing Piece: aggressive chevron design allows for more accuracy strategically placed flex points provide ideal hold newly designed connection…

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    The STX 6000 A/M Lacrosse Shaft Attack is a lightweight shaft for beginners, that helps with a correct placement of your hands. Advantages of the STX 6000 A/M Lacrosse Attack Shaft: matte-anodized 6000 series alloy enables light performance for beginners tonal "Memory Marker" graphics help with placing your hands correctly…