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    Clubprice: 54,95 

    For younger attackers is the Maverik Critik Alloy ST complete stick a good choice. The material stands out with high quality and low weight. The traditional shape of the 6000 Series Alloy Shaft convinces with the high quality workmanship, which makes the shaft robust and durable. A stiff head also…

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    - 29 % Off
    Clubprice: 1,85 

    The Firethreads Lacrosse Shooting Lace (one piece) feature GripPrint and are the original Firethreads product. Advantages of the Firethreads Lacrosse Shooting Lace (one piece): The original Firethreads product Equipped with GripPrint

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    Clubprice: 2,65 

    The Firethreads Skinny Lacrosse Shooting Lace (one piece) are thinbut powerful and feature an all-over grip. Advantages of the Firethreads Skinny Lacrosse Shooting Lace (one piece): Thin but powerful All-over grip Equipped with GripPrint