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    - 8 % Off
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    The STX Stallion 500 Lacrosse Arm Guards do not only provide an excellent comfort but also great protection in the high-impact zones. Advantages of the STX Stallion 500 Lacrosse Arm Guards: new and light HD 2 FoamTM protects key impact zones ideally HEX ProTM allows for flexible protection with excellent…

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    The STX Portable Crease for Goals is light, very practical and easy to carry. It is suitable for both men’s and women’s lacrosse. The goal crease can be easily folded and stored in the bag. This allows you to take it anywhere and practice. Advantages of the STX Portable Crease…

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    The Warrior Fatboy Burn Warp Next Lacrosse Defense Complete Stick is designed for advanced lacrosse players aged 12 and under Advantages of Warrior Fatboy Burn Warp Next Lacrosse Defense Complete Stick: Comes with the Burn Warp Head and Fatboy Cryptolyte Shaft perfect for developing boxing players. Warp mid-pocket with a…

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    The MAX EKG Speed Lacrosse Shoulder-Pad offers experienced playerslight, comfortable and protective shoulder coverage. Advantages of the MAX EKG Speed Lacrosse Shoulder-Pad: New external heart protection (EKG) meets the new NOSCAEstandard for protection against commotio cordis Traditional fit offers comfort and convenience mobility The adjustable COMFORTFIT arch enables the playersadjust…