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    Clubprice: 99,95 

    The STX Surgeon LTZ Glove is soft and comfortable. The fit with layered cuffs offers you enough freedom of movement and flexibility without sacrificing protection. The back of your hand is excellently protected by the padding. Advantages of the STX Surgeon LTZ Glove: soft and comfortable glove layered cuff design…

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    Clubprice: 25,95 

    The Brine Dynasty 2021 Lacrosse Glove impresses with its optimal fit and unrestricted freedom of movement. The cropped backhand allows the player to maintain flexibility. Thanks to an angled Velcro Closure system and gel print tab, the gloves always fits tight and well. Not only fit is important, but also…

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    Clubprice: 19,95 

    The Warrior Lacrosse wrist guard is an extra protection for your wrist. When playing, the sticks hit your wrist, which can be very painful. With the Wrist Protector from Warrior you can give your wrist extra protection between the glove and the arm guard. The broken pad adds flexibility and…

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    Clubprice: 96,95 

    The STX Stallion 300 Shoulder Pad Lacrosse does not only provide an excellent level of protection but also a high wearing comfort. Advantages of the STX Stallion 300 Shoulder Pad Lacrosse: elevated plate in reinforced chest area for targeted protection comfortable fit in torso area thanks to elastic zones along…

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    The Brine Dynasty Warm Weather Womes Mesh Lacrosse Glove provides a lightweight as well as flexible fit to be used daily for playing. The dual density foam protects the key zones of the knuckles and the backhand. Its flexible stretch mesh and the manufactured lycra allows for a comfortable and…