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    The Jimalax 100 Yard Spool Lacrosse Crosslace String is being used to string traditional pockets, these are pockets without a mesh. This string is the thinnest one made by Jimalax. This is a spool with 100 yards Crosslace String. Advantages of the 100 Yard Spool Lacrosse Crosslace String: spool with…

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    The StringKing Women’s Composite Women’s is the right choice for players who want to develop their performance to a new level. Due the special form the shaft has a stick check and a cross check zone, giving you the chance to play as fast as you can. Players can throw…

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    The Warrior Lacrosse wrist guard is an extra protection for your wrist. When playing, the sticks hit your wrist, which can be very painful. With the Wrist Protector from Warrior you can give your wrist extra protection between the glove and the arm guard. The broken pad adds flexibility and…

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    The Warrior Lacrosse ISO Lacrosse Warp Mesh is a mesh with excellent support and release. With minimal break-in and the weather resistant material, the ISO Warp Mesh is easy to string. The soft release allows for quick and targeted shooting. These features set the Warp Mesh apart as a great…

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    The STX Stallion 900 Lacrosse Arm Guards convince with their high protection factor. Due to the flexible pads you keep your mobility and have a great comfort. Trough the strap, the pads do not move. The breathable sleeve increases the comfort. The HD2™ foam provides a light weight. Advantages of…

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    The Warrior Lacrosse Regulator 2 Reflect Glove Size 13″ Silver are perfect for players looking for a flexible and protective glove. The Regulator 2 Reflect Glove provides enough mobility on the fingers for gripping the stick and quick hand movements. The fingers and the back of the hand are additionally…