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Nike Lunar Elite 3 Women’s Handle 7/8″ to 1″

Art. Nr.: oNike-HE-CWX1-L1

Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 760 × 3 × 30 cm



LAX Material

LAX Shaft Form

LAX Shaft Grip

LAX Erfahrungslevel

LAX Shaft Endkappe


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The Nike Lunar Elite 3 Women’s Handle 7/8" to 1" fits 10° heads and players looking for a high quality, supportive handle. Head and handle are seamlessly connected by the flared construction. The composite material not only feels comfortable in the hand at any temperature, but is also durable and exhibits high stability. These features make the Lunar Elite 3 Women’s Handle a durable, loyal companion.

Advantages of the Nike Lunar Elite 3 Women’s Handle 7/8" to 1":

  • fits 10° heads
  • designed and produced for female players
  • seamless connection between head and handle
  • composite material can be hold at any temperature
  • robust and stable

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