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StringKing Mark 2F Stiff , M, Type 4f Lacrosse Head Strung

Art. Nr.: oSK-ITM-Mark-4f-2F-Stiff-000
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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 5 cm
LAX Mesh

LAX Colour

LAX Härte
Lax Head Technologie

LAX Erfahrungslevel



Get better control of face offs with the StringKing Mark 2F Stiff , M, Type 4f Lacrosse Head Strung: the head has a good balance between stiffness and durability, designed for more ball control and attack from different angles. The dynamic, hard plastic puts the focus on a better grip on the ball. The material is an updated version of the Mark 2F Stiff with even more stiffness. More powerful strokes do not bother the Mark 2F Stiff, because the head is very stable and keeps its shape. In addition, the throat is tighter for more validity and control. Concentration is the most important thing in a face off and requires a reliable head. Picking up the ground ball without the constant weighing of your position and prevailing in control – that’s what the angled scoop makes possible. The angled end makes picking up the ball not only easier, but also accessible from any angle. The Mark 2F Stiff takes the player’s face off performance to a new level.

Advantages of the StringKing Mark 2F Stiff , M, Type 4f Lacrosse Head Strung:

  • perfect head for face offs
  • strong, hard and super stiff plastic
  • dynamic head that keeps its shape under harder forces
  • tight throat for even more ball control
  • angled scoop for easier ball pick up
  • groundballs can be hit from any angle thanks to the angled scoop
  • with high quality stringing
  • great, modern design

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