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    The STX Hammer 900 Lacrosse Head Unstrung convinces with its EnduraForm™ and its Scoop. The material is stiff and dimensionally stable even in hot weather. The Speed Scoop™ facilitates easier playing of groundballs, no matter from which angle. The face profile is even tighter than its predecessor, giving even more…

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    Get better control of face offs with the StringKing Mark 2F Lacrosse Head Unstrung: the head has a good balance between stiffness and durability, designed for more ball control and attack from different angles. The dynamic, hard plastic puts the focus on a better grip on the ball. More powerful…

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    Clubprice: 86,95 

    The StringKing Mark-2G Lacrosse Head Unstrung stands for high quality ball control that is sure to help the player perform. The Mark 2G Unstrung can be trusted by the player to catch the ball on fast, strong throws. This head is created for goalies: the surface is wide and the…

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    Clubprice: 86,95 

    The StringKing Mark 2A Lacrosse Head Unstrung White stands for high quality and ball control, which safely supports the player in his new highest performance. The Mark 2A can be trusted for fast, strong throws when it comes to confident controll without rears. Especially for players who play with one…

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    The Nike Lunar Elite 3 Lacrosse Head Unstrung stands out due to the Internal String System, which protects the strings more and makes it easier to hold the ball. Fast throwing is made possible by the 10 ° technology. Players no longer just pass balls, they play with more speed,…

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    The Warrior Riot Switch Fade Lacrosse CuffFade brings a new individual design to your Riot Lacrosse Glove. One pair per pack.

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    The Maverik M5 Lacrosse Goalie Glove 2023 impresses with its high breathability and freedom of movement. For unlimited player flexibility, the M4 glove features a traditional shpae with extra volume on the fingers and backahdn. The adjustable cluff allows you to set a closed fit for more protection or an…

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    The Maverik Lacrosse Base Goalie Head Unstrung was developed with the help of Kip Turner and Drew Adams, two of the best goalies in lacrosse. Advantages of the Maverik Lacrosse Base Goalie Head Unstrung: developed with the help of Kip Turner and Drew Adams, two of the best goalies in…

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    The Warrior Fatboy Burn Warp Next BOX Complete Stick is designed for advanced beginners aged 12 and under Benefits of Warrior Fatboy Burn Warp Next BOX Complete Stick: Comes with the Burn Warp Head and Fatboy Cryptolyte Shaft perfect for developing boxing players. Warp mid-pocket with larger diamonds to improve…

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    The Lacrosse Helmet CPV-R features the R-Series SHELL with FreeFlowTM ventilation, that allows for a level of aggression and speed that has never been seen before. The Chevron Mask with its slight V-shape allows for better downward vision which gives the player an advantage when it come to ground balls.…

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    The STX 7000 A/M Lacrosse Shaft Attack provides a lightweight performance as well as an ideal grip in any condition. Advantages of the STX 7000 A/M Lacrosse Attack Shaft: matte-anodized 7000 series alloy enables light performance for competitive players mild sandblast finish provides ideal grip in any condition standard shaft…

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    The STX FIBER 2° A/M Lacrosse Shaft Attack offers an optimal grip surface. Advantages of the STX FIBER 2° A/M Composite Handle: R-grip profile maximizes surface contact for optimal control Elite end cap for a lightweight and durable alternative to tape Sand grit coating ensures an improved feeling throughout the…

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    The A Series Defense – 380 from StringKing convinces with the balanced combination of weight, strength and price. We offer the A Shaft for Attacker in two weights for different ages. The aluminum alloy is high quality processed and strengthens the shaft without pushing the price. The pre-drilled holes allow…

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    The Nike Prime Elite Handle Lacrosse ScTi has concave sides and an octagonal shape. Not only an improved ball and shaft control is thus achieved, but also a better grip. Due to the ultra-light SC-TI alloy, the shaft has a light weight without sacrificing robust and stable material. It impresses…

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    Perfect for training and getting to know lacrosse is the STX StxBall stick. The Complete Stick made of plastic is sturdy and stable. The pocket is deep. This 36"/91,44 cm long Stick is the right choice for beginners and training sessions.

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    The Brine Lacrosse wristband comes in a 2er pack. The wristband is a must-have for each Lacrosse player.

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    The Brine Lacrosse Helmet Chinstrap offers you high protection for your chin and teeth. Upgrade your helmet easily and quickly with this chinstrap to give your chin more protection and support.

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    Coach Jeff Tambroni shares his tricks and tips for offensive play with his Brine Lacrosse Winning Lacrosse DVD Skills & Drills. His instructions are easy understandable and you will learn a new way of skills & drills of offensive playing. Advantages of the Brine Lacrosse Winning Lacrosse DVD Skills &…

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    The Range 2024 Lacrosse Handle 30 from Maverik is equipped with the adjustable butt-end ABE+. This prevents the hand from slipping and you can adjust it to your needs. In addition, the Grit Grip provides more grip. The alloy has the perfect strength and weight ratio, so the handle is…

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    The Brine Dynasty 2 Lacrosse Schäger Strung convinces with its fast release and shooting accuracy. Due to the TruOffset shape, Scoop and Throat are high, so that the ball is guided directly into the sweet spot and control is increased. This guarantees fast shooting and high precision. The angled Scoop…

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    The Brine Edge Pro+ Women Lacrosse Head Strung is equipped with Therma-Lock+, so the head remains stiff even at high temperatures and hard impacts. The raised sides of the head allow the ball to roll through the narrow channel directly into the sweet spot – ready for a quick release.…

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    Due to its length, the Brine Lacrosse Equipment Stick Bag can store two sticks with heads. The many interior pockets make organized storage a breeze. Wet clothes or shoes can be packed in the extra compartment provided for this purpose. The bag can be hand carried or shouldered thanks to…