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    The Brine Lacrosse wristband comes in a 2er pack. The wristband is a must-have for each Lacrosse player.

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    The Mueller Sports Medicine Tape is very lightweight. It is characterized by the excellent adhesive strength. After simply unrolling from the roll, it is easy to put on. The tape supports performance, it is optimal for stabilization while playing lacrosse or even other sports actvities. The functions of the tape…

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    The Müller Sports Coolant Spray is available in a practical spray can und easily to handle. Minor swelling, bruises and muscle arches can be relieved easily by the coolant spray and thus reduce pain. The propellant is non-medicated but the usage of the coolant spray is clean and the spray…

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    The Müller Sports Bottle Carrier offers storage space for up to 6 bottles with a capacity of 1 Liter. Made of heavy-duty steel, the Bottle Carrier becomes very stable. Due to the special synthetical coverage the occurring of rust is prevented and therefore the equipment is protected from scratches. A…

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    The No Glare Glare Reducing Stripes minimize the glare optimally and are very skin friendly at the same time. Due to the special surface the stripes are perfectly kept at the skin without producing irritations. Cannot smear because of sweat and enable drying the face with a towel. 144St. Team…

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    The No Glare Glare Reducing Stick minimizes the glaring effect of the sun and bright light. The No Glare Stick suits perfectly to put the paste opon the skin in the areas of cheek-bones just below the eyes.

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    The Opro Gen 2.0 Straps Lacrosse only fit to the 2.0 mouthguards. With the straps you can attach the mouthguard to your helmet. Advantages of the Opro Gen 2.0 Straps Lacrosse: only fit to 2.0 mouthguards attachment to helmet

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    The Bike Performance Cotton Supporter Cup Combo Lacrosse features the DRI-POWER® wicking cup pouch in order to provide great breathability. The revolutionary non-stretch stability anchor allows for maximum support and perfect fit. The plush waistband offers the player a great comfort and the Proflex Max™ cup with flexible side edges…

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    The Bike Proflex Max Lacrosse Cup provides the new WAVE shape that was structurally engineered to prevent cracking, while providing ultimate ventilation. The kinetic properties of the WAVE design allow for the cup to move with the body of the player and enable him to perform at his peak. The…

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    - 27 % Off
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    The Bike Lacrosse Boxer with Cup Pocket features a boxer short design and thespecial cotton/spandex short also provides an ideal wearing comfort.Additionally this boxer is also equipped with the DRI-POWER® CupPouch ventilation system. Advantages of the Bike Lacrosse Boxer with Cup Pocket: boxer design cotton/spandex body provides perfect fit DRI-POWER®…

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    The Gold class offers the best protection, comfort and retention available in a self-fit mouthguard. Two materials provide the best safity for your teeth:A tough outer shell and a soft lining with 21 self-forming fins for perfect customized fitting. The Original Oproshield are CE certified and come with a dental…

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    The Müller Sports M-Tape Team Colours is made of 100% cotton is bleached with different colours. In combination with humidity the M-Tape will not bleed wherefore it is optimal suitable for sportive activities. The M-Tape has a width of 3,8cm and is wrapped on a reel about 13,7m.

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    For best protection in the game. Features: Boxer Design with a Cup Pouch Cotton/Spandex body provides perfect fit DRI-POWER® wicking cup pouch Includes Proflex Max™ cup with flexible side edge for added comfort and mobility Sizing Chart:S (70-78) M (79-88) L (89-98) XL (99-108) cm (measured around waist)

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    The M-Wrap Multi Purpose Tape is very soft and can be used for multiple purposes like keeping your hair out of your eyes so you can keep the focus completely on your game. This tape is available in many different colors and its measurements are 6,9 cm x 19,5 m.…