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Captain-Lax handing out wristbands at the Lacrosse NUCC 2011

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Captain-Lax congratulates the winners of the fair-play awards at the Lacrosse National University and Club Championships 2011 in England.

The legendary Lacrosse NUCC 2011 event in England

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What a fabulous event! Organized and hosted by the lovely girls of the Hatch End Hawks Lacrosse Club the National University and Club Championships (NUCC) in North of London, England, were not only revived but also taken to another level. (more…)

German football national player supporting German Lacrosse Championships

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The German Lacrosse Championships 2011 which includes the women’s, the men’s, the girls’ and the boys’ national final four tournaments will be hosted by the Bremen Lacrosse teams Snappenlikkers and Likkedeelers in their wonderful home-city of Bremen. As their club has its lacrosse fields right next to the legendary Weser Stadion, which is home of German Bundesliga Football powerhouse Werder Bremen, it is only a natural consequence that one day one of the football pros would recognize the great sport that his neighbors are playing. (more…)

German Men’s Lacrosse Season – Who’s hot?

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When the snow says good bye, it’s time to kick of the second part of the Men’s Lacrosse Season in Germany. Who’s hot, who’s not? Here are a few German men’s lacrosse teams to look out for: (more…)

This is just the beginning…

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Welcome to our brand new Captain-Lax Lacrosse Blog! This right here is the place to be for all European lacrossers. You will find everything your lax heart desires: the latest lacrosse News, pictures, videos, events and much more infos all about your favourite sport. (more…)