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Pictures of the Lacrosse Youth Tournament 2013 in Frankfurt

Lacrosse Pictures

This weekend we attended the Lacrosse Youth Tournament in Frankfurt and took a lot offantastic pictures for you. The best pictures can be seen below. (more…)

Austrian Lacrosse Open in Vienna – Which of you is showing up?

Lacrosse News
This weekend the 9th Austrian Lacrosse Open will take place in Vienna – the beautiful capital of Austria. The Austrian Lacrosse Open get more and more international – this year teams of 9 countries are participating to celebrate 3 sporting days with all interested lacrosse fans. (more…)

Lacrosse Youth Tournament 2013 in Frankfurt – Just 3 more days

Lacrosse News

[singlepic id=90 w=320 h=240 float=right]This Saturday there is finally the Youth Tournament in Frankfurt.
Captain Lax will be on-the-scene to take pictures and to cheer all the fantastic lacrosse teams. If you want to you can take pictures with our cute mascot – just come and talk to us.

Who will show up and join us at one of the most important events in Lacrosse Youth Sport?

All important information about date, place and more interesting can be found in the Events Lax Area on our website.

German Women National Lacrosse Team 2013 is sponsored by Captain Lax

Lacrosse News

[singlepic id=91 w=320 h=240 float=right]This year Captain Lax has partly sponsored the Pinnies for our Lacrosse Women National Team.

They achieved a great 10th place at the World Tournament in 2009. Nevertheless for 2013 we want more. We wish our Women National Lacrosse Team the best of Luck for the World Tournament 2013 in Oshawa, Kanada!!! Go for it! (more…)