Kinesiotape – Origin, Using Possibilities and Effect

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I’m sure that almost everyone is wondering about the colourful tape that sport pros of all fields wear during their matches. They are blue, red, black, green or flesh-coloured and you can see them almost on every part of the body.

Captain-Lax has investigated in this subject and has gathered the main facts on this topic during a conversation with Johannes Kelber, a german physiotherapist.


Kinesiotape was invented by a japanese physiotherapist to support the endogenous healing process through muscles and nerve fibres. Kinesiotape can be used all over the body to reduce pain, prevent injuries and partly even to avoid operations. It’s particularly suitable for sport injuries and is used by a lot of sport professionals also in lacrosse.


Using the tape is a bit difficult and should therefore only be self-used after consultation of a doctor or a physiotherapist.

First you have to stretch the muscle in a dilated position and stick the tape slack on it. While leading it back to the original position the tape contracts the muscle and convolusions are created. This leads to a better blood circulation in the muscle, reduced pressure and less pain. Furthermore there are several medical using-forms like I-,Y-,X- and fan that should be carried out by a professional.

With recurring or permanent injuries it is possible to self-place it on all reachable body parts. Therefore the skin should be dry, non-fat and hairless. It is also important to use the tape at least 20-30 minutes before sport activities, otherwise the sweat could loose the tape. Normally the tape lasts for 3-5 days, but can be on the body as long as it doesn’t loose hold.

Using Possibilities

Kinesiology-Tape has a variety of different using possibilities and is often used by doctors and physiotherapists for the following symptoms:

muscle injuries looses tensions, supports the healing
lymph edema reduces build-up of fluid
ligaments gives stabilisation
fascia holds it in the right place
adjustment technic f.ex. to hold the patella in the right position

We need to add, that the tape is not suitable for everyone. Especially people with the following symptoms should only use it after consulting a doctor:

  • skin allergy
  • bacterial infection
  • burns to the skin
  • circulatory problem
  • thrombosis
  • chemotherapeutic treatment
  • high dose of analgesic
  • problems with clotting of the blood
  • use of blood-diluting medicine


For everyone still not convinced about Kinesio-Tape we recommend to just give it a try. According to  consumption of the tape and needed time the price for a professional taping ranges between 5 and 50 €.

If you want to try it yourself Kinesio Tape is available from 8 Euro per roll in a variety of different colors. By the way, the colour has no special meaning – you can choose it according to taste.

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