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New Lacrosse Milano Baggataway Video

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The girls at Lacrosse Milano Baggataway have made a short video showing them hard at work, their training times seemingly covering not only days but also nights! Watch their video here:


Gait Lacrosse and the meaning behind it

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Gary and Paul Gait

Photo by Steve Bosch, PNG

Have you ever wondered who is behind the big lacrosse equipment suppliers and what made them get involved in the world of the fastest sport on two feet? Today we’re going to talk about Gait Lacrosse.

Gait: A talk about legends

You might be surprised to find out that “Gait Lacrosse” actually has a meaning behind its name. (more…)

Ever heard of VX, Lacrosse’s long lost Cousin?

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Playing Lax on a Squash Court

VX Game 2vs2
For those of you wondering how you could fit a match of lacrosse on a squash court, don’t worry: you can’t. VX is a rapindly-expanding sport that “is not an adaptation of any single sport“, but a mix of more which blend into a fast-paced match.

More accurately put, it’s dodgeball played with tennis balls using adapted lacrosse sticks with scoops on both ends. It all happens on a squash ball if it’s played 2v2, or a court a bit bigger than a basketball one, when played between two teams of 5.

Already sounds fun, doesn’t it?