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Zeppelin Lacrosse – Always in the Game

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Zeppelin LacrosseThere’s nothing that helps grow the game more than great content with a sense of humor that can show the world what lacrosse really means for the players. Lacrosse is more than a game and this is what Zeppelin Lacrosse want to show in their four trailer-like videos. They also did a fun making-of video, also listed below. Bonus “Beercatcher” at the end! (more…)

Ken Galluccio Cup 2014 Impressions

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Not a summer’s weekend without a lacrosse tournament and this past one is no different! We wrote last week about the Ken Galluccio Cup 2014 in Ghent, Belgium and we were there to witness its 6th edition unfold. What did we take from it? Great fun, amazing games, pretty pictures and hardcore scores. Read below for our take on all of it!

The Ken Galluccio Cup 2014 winners

The weather this weekend was just perfect for playing and watching some of Europe’s best clubs battle it out on the field. After two days full of matches, Sunday finally unveiled the two winning teams of the Ken Galluccio Cup in 2014. The matches and the winners are: (more…)

Ken Galluccio Cup 2014

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It’s almost time again (13th-14th of September 2014) for one of the biggest lacrosse events in Europe, the Ken Galluccio Cup! Now at its 6th edition, it promises an amazing competition between 12 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams.

Short history

The tournament didn’t start out as the Ken Galluccio Cup, instead it was called the European Champions Cup and it was Ken’s idea and concept from the start. (more…)

World Lacrosse Championships – The Best Goals

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The World Championships have ended for a while now and, although we already know how they turned out, you might want to (re)watch the coolest goals of the event, showcased in a video by Lacrosse All Stars, all wrapped up together with some kickin’ music.

Also, that hidden ball trick by Scotland Lacrosse was amazing, don’t you think? Which one was your favorite?

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