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Impressions of the Celtics Cup 2015

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The Celtics Cup 2015 that will be held annually from now on took place in Klagenfurt, Austria for the very first time on Saturday the 12th September 2015 with maybe 100 visitors.  About three weeks ago we have reported about the tournament and now we want to present you the actual impressions.


The lacrosse team at the Bocconi Universitá

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The lacrosse team at the Bocconi Universitá is very well known and successful. They have won the italian championship for the third time.

But first, here are some information about the university. Iit was founded in 1902 and was the first university which allowed the degree in economics. Bocconi played a leading role in the italian econnomic and social modernization for over a century. It is a research university with democratic values. The university has always remained the financially and politically independent.

Of course the lacrosse team at the Bocconi Universitá are always looking for new players. The training starts in the middle of september. Anyone who wants to participate should register, wether they have knowledge about lacrosse or not. Everyone can participate in two trail sessions.

In the following video you can see a really cool training of the team of Bocconi. It is worthwhile to take a look, as it is already fun only watching them train.


The History of Lacrosse

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The History of Lacrosse goes back to the Native Americans. It went through many different phases, for example, it was already a discipline at the Olympic Games. If you want to know more details, such as how Lacrosse originated, why it was played, which was the first club, then read on. Here you can find the answers. (more…)

The Celtics Cup 2015

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The Celtics Cup is a lacrosse tournament in Klagenfurt, Austria and this year it takes place for the very first time. It is organized by Carinthian Celtics lacrosse on the 12th of September 2015.

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