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8 things you only understand when you play men lacrosse

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In every sport there are special features that only the players know or can understand. This is also the case in lacrossse. We would like to present the things which are special about men lacrosse in our article: 8 things you only understand when you play men lacrosse. Perhaps some of you can identify themselves with the statements and I know each of you will find something to laugh.


For all of you, who were not at the German Lacrosse Playoffs 2017!

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On the 27th and 28th of May the German Lacrosse Playoffs took place in Hamburg and Hannover. We were on site with a booth at the men Playoffs in Hamburg and maybe we saw one or two of you. For all of you who were not there or missed either the women or men playoffs, there is an explicit summary of all important facts about the German Lacrosse Playoffs 2017. (more…)