Highbridge – The Bronx Lacrosse Program by Dan Leventhal

With the Bronx Lacrosse program at the Highbridge Green School in the Bronx, Dan Leventhal sets up a concept for the second time to give young people confidence. Learn all about Dan Leventhal and his involvement in Lacrosse history. GROW THE GAME!

Story of Dan Leventhal

Dan grew up in a stable home in Chappaqua, New York. In second grade he had the opportunity to play lacrosse and he took the chance. He won a national championship in 2014 and participated in the 2014 World Lacrosse Championships for Israel. He will be back again in midfield this year.

Right after graduation Leventhal moved to Netanya, Israel to start his first youth-lacrosse program there. He returned to the US a few years later and started teaching English for the eighth grade at the Highbridge Green School in the Bronx. There he launched his second project, the Bronx Lacrosse Program, thus making the sport available to many new young people.

Sense of Sense of the Highbridge the bronx lacrosse programthe Bronx Lacrosse program

He has already built up a youth-lacrosse-program out of nowhere twice and through his engagement he changed the life of young people by giving them confidence through lacrosse. With his project he gave the children the thoughts: I learned this sport and I can do it. Why can’t I do math? Why can’t I speak English? They gained hope and realized that if they are good at lacrosse then they can do other things as well.

Israel Lacrosse Program

For example, Bar Yahalom. A teenager in Israel without a proper destination. He did not do really well in school, he did not study and the sports he had tried so far, he had all broken off again. When his brother took him to the lacrosse in Netanya, where he met Leventhal, a career was born. Today, four years later, Bar represents Israel at international competitions, such as the U19 Championships in Vancouver with Leventhal as coach and mentor. Today, Yahalom himself teaches children in the sport, which led him to graduate from school. He says, before a test he goes out to train, clears his head and then everything works better. If he had no lacrosse, he would probably be at home and sleep.

Because of the sport and the training of the children he got self-confidence. He knows this sport, he can do it and he represents his country. Through the sport he learned a lot of English and where he stammered in the past, he shows self-confidence today.  Ori Bar David, a good friend of Bar Yahalom, did something similar. In the eighth grade he got the chance to play lacrosse because of Leventhal. At first he was shy, but soon he was addicted. Dan was his mentor until the U19 Championships and still today. Last year he was part of the European Box Lacrosse Championships 2017, where he won gold with Leventhal as a teammate. He also trains youth teams today.  Ori Bar David also tells how much self-confidence he has gained through the sport of lacrosse. If he had not found this sport, he would never have found the confidence to do better at school.

Bronx Lacrosse program

The same positive effects Dan Leventhal wants to bring to the Bronx now. His school is located in the poorest congressional district in the US and most of the students come from impoverished conditions. The social expectations are very low, which also affects self-confidence. On average, students of the Bronx Lacrosse Program have a much better attendance than their peers. He gives them the confidence through lacrosse that they can build themselves a better future.  Trust is the core of everything. It begins with Dan, who believes that no matter how many children move away, there will always be many who are attracted to a sport they have never seen before. From Bar David, Yahalom, the students in the Bronx, to the people who care about lacrosse, it continues through the next generation.  Over the next few years, Leventhal wants to massively expand the program, giving even more young people the opportunity to play lacrosse and gain confidence.
“Lacrosse is a sport that should be accessible to all, every kid deserves this opportunity, whether black, brown or hispanic, it does not matter, every kid deserves a chance to play this great game, and that’s what we do here.” – Quote: Dan Leventhal.

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