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STX Stallion Head Unstrung Lacrosse Head White

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Player Type Pro
Weight 148 gr. Unstrung
Width 6.7 inch inside
Technology Offset
Level Pro
Extra Stringingholes No
Position All
Position Middie
Product No.:STAL-WH

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99,95 EUR
89,90 EUR
CLUB Price 84,90 EUR
Lax-Points-Price: 1640

The STX Stallion Head Unstrung Lacrosse Head White features the C-Channel technology which offers additional strength during faceoffs. The sidewall braces allow for extra stability. The strategically placed stringing holes provide different stringing options.

Advantages of the STX Stallion Head Unstrung Lacrosse Head White:

  • features C-Chanel technology for additional strength during faceoffs
  • sidewall braces allow for extra stability
  • strategically placed stringing holes provide different stringing options
Head guide
Choosing a Lacrosse Head

Choosing the right lacrosse head from the (vast number) many available on can be a tough task. The angle, stiffness, width and weight are all important aspects to look at when selecting your new lacrosse head. Below is a brief description of the most important characteristics.

Offset/Forward Cant Lacrosse Head

Probably the most popular head in lacrosse today, the Offset lacrosse head has revolutionized the way we play the game. The offset lacrosse head drops down at the throat (where the head meets the handle) of the lacrosse head, allowing for a lower position of the ball and pocket on the head. A forward cant lacrosse head is also angled down at the throat of the stick. Offset/Froward Cant lacrosse heads are designed to give the player maximum feel and control when carrying the ball, as well as great ball retention enabling quicker passing and shooting.

Onset Lacrosse Head

Onset lacrosse heads extend straight on out from the handle, where as Offset, Cant, and Curved heads all slope downwards. With new lacrosse technology developing, fewer Onset heads are used by the top lacrosse players. However, Onset lacrosse heads are great for beginning lacrosse players who are learning the proper fundamentals and skills vital to the game of lacrosse.

*All of the above mentioned lacrosse heads are used by all lacrosse players of all positions with the exception of the goaltender.

Stiffness vs. Flexibility

Stiffness and flexibility are the two main categories which manufacturers concentrate on when designing new lacrosse heads. However, different lacrosse players like to play with different kinds of lacrosse heads. Some stiff heads may be heavier than other more flexible heads. For example, a defenseman may want to play with a stiffer head for more effective checking, where as another defenseman may want a more flexible head for picking up loose groundballs. The same can be said for all lacrosse positions. Stiffness and flexibility are all based on the preferences of the lacrosse player. You can’t go wrong with either choice.

Narrow vs. Wide Lacrosse Heads

Lacrosse heads have become more and more narrow in recent years. Again, some lacrosse players prefer narrow lacrosse heads, while others prefer wider heads. An attackman may want to play with a narrower lacrosse head to maximize ball retention and to protect the ball from defensive checks. Another attackman may want to play with a wider head for an easier catch in a tight situation near the crease. A defenseman may choose to play with a wider lacrosse head in an effort to deflect passes, and also make it easier to catch. Most lacrosse heads with narrow or shapes are designed for the more advanced lacrosse players, purely because it is harder to catch with a narrower lacrosse head compared to a wider head.

Why should I pinch my head?

The pinch helps you to have the ball longer in your pocket. The thinner the pocket the better lies the ball in your pocket. But never forget: Also catching is much more tricky with a pinched head. Also think about the limit of pinching. Don't overplay it! Also when you pinch your head by yourself always remember the loss of the warranty.

What's the Scoop?

Scoop is the top part of your head with which you scoop up the ball into your pocket. Different manufacturers use different techniques and use different names, but they all try to make groundballs as effortless as possible.

How do I string my head by myself?


Very easy. Click on your mesh and follow the self-explanatory instruction.

Stringing Manual Mesh Pocket 2,1 MB / 4 Pages » Download
Stringing Manual Traditional Strung Pocket 2,5 MB / 4 Pages » Download

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