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Bike Lacrosse Shoes


Special Lacrosse Shoes for an unrestricted and perfect Lacrosse game

What would a soccer player do without his soccer shoes, what would a cyclist do without his special click-shoes, what would a 100m sprinter do without his spikes and what would a Lacrosse player do without his unique Lacrosse shoes? This question of course is to be asked because every single sport requires individual equipment not only referring on protection accessories and clothes but also on the right footgear.
Among the most common sports, feet are the connection between the body and the ground, which in most cases is the court. It depends on the proper shoes, which should offer the best possible contact to the ground and of course grip to enable an optimized game and playing performance. What is it good for if you wear indoor shoes on grass while it is raining? The soccer and Lacrosse players reckon on their shoes during fast movements and changes of direction so that the appropriate shoe needs to be pushed into the ground in order to ensure a better stability and prevent slipping or falling.
The salient point within Lacrosse shoes therefore are the features of the Lacrosse shoes. Thus the material plays a main importance. Additional weight, especially on the feet, outlines unnecessary ballast and requires a high and inefficient expenditure of energy and therefore a loss of valuable muscle strength and endurance. Therefore the producing of a Lacrosse shoes out of the lightest possible basic material has a tremendous role. The most used material is very lightweight from the beginning but nevertheless offers a long durability and a robust outer material, also bringing a certain rate of breathability and thus good stability with it.

Different shoes for different playgrounds

Depending on the type, whether training or cleat Lacrosse shoes, every Lacrosse shoe offers another sole for different grounds. Training Lacrosse shoes contain grooved soles for the best possible flexibility wherefore cleat shoes, like the name already tells, incorporate inserted or detachable cleats which can be pushed into the ground and therefore provide an even better stability and grip upon the ground and thus are not suitable for indoor courts and the box Lacrosse game.
Especially for the sport of Lacrosse, Lacrosse shoes contain special reinforcements in critical zones offering an even better stability of the foot and minimizing the risk of injuries which would be given if you wore the wrong shoes. The feet are therefore given a very high comfort for a unique game of Lacrosse. In combination with special socks, like they are also available in the Captain-Lax Online-Shop, made by brands like Under Armour, the single zones of the feet can be stabilized even better, so that the feet get a high amount of comfort.

Further equipment and accessories at Captain-Lax

Also for other parts of the human body, the well-equipped product range of the Captain-Lax Online-Shop contains many different accessories. For example the special Lacrosse helmets, which are also even dictated by Lacrosse rules for men's games. By wearing special Lacrosse gloves, the hands are protected very well from injuries at the fingers, the wrist and the entire palm. With various protective items from the Captain-Lax Online-Shop the product line of the Captain-Lax Online-Shop is fulfilled.

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