Ken Galluccio Cup 2014 Impressions

Not a summer’s weekend without a lacrosse tournament and this past one is no different! We wrote last week about the Ken Galluccio Cup 2014 in Ghent, Belgium and we were there to witness its 6th edition unfold. What did we take from it? Great fun, amazing games, pretty pictures and hardcore scores. Read below for our take on all of it!

The Ken Galluccio Cup 2014 winners

The weather this weekend was just perfect for playing and watching some of Europe’s best clubs battle it out on the field. After two days full of matches, Sunday finally unveiled the two winning teams of the Ken Galluccio Cup in 2014. The matches and the winners are:

Ken Galluccio Cup 14 Men's Schedule and Final Score

KGC14 Men’s Schedule and Final Score

Ken Galluccio Cup 14 Women's Schedule and Final Score

KGC14 Women’s Schedule and Final Score








The trophy for the men’s division went to Stockport Lacrosse from Cheshire this year, while the defending champion for the women’s teams, Oxton Lacrosse, took first place yet again, after an exciting match against LCC Radotin. Congratulations to both teams and well played from all 24 teams who signed up for this year’s cup!

The pictures

These are some of the coolest pictures of the event taken by De Sportfotograaf, you can see more on their facebook page! Make sure to visit them and give them a thumbs up for the great work they’ve done.

Also, thank you to the organizers who made the event awesome not only for the players, but for us as well!

Summer has now ended and the new season begins, so good luck to all the teams out there getting ready and training hard for their first matches of the season!

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