Impressions of the Ken Galluccio Cup 2015

The Ken Galluccio Cup 2015 was held in Ghent, Belgium, on the 12th and on th 13rd September. We want to show you a few impressions, particularly over the images. Although the weather was not very well, it was gray and rainy, but that did not detract from the whole. Involved were 12 women and 12 men teams, who want the victory in this tournament.


The men teams were: Stockport, Valenciennes, Bocconi, Zurich, Dublin, Amsterdam, Farsta, Brussels, Vienna, Oslo, Stuttgart and Belgium Mixed, here was Oslo the team with the longest journey way.

The women teams were: Putney, PICK UP, Vienna Radutin, NTNUI, Milano, Hannover, Wettingen, Ghent, Edinburgh, Utrecht and Galway, here was Vienna the team with the longest journey way.

Fastest Shot Contest

In addition to the absolutely thrilling and exciting games over the two days, even an Fastest Shot Contest was held. This ended up as follows:


Stockport – Andrew Baxter:  –  146 kmh

Zurich Lions – Patrick Kaiser: 134 kmh 138 kmh

Farsta Cobras – Thomas K.: 136 kmh 145 kmh

Oslo Legends – Aksel Louis Knaal: 145 kmh 140 kmh

Hainaut Haueurs – Maximo Chilinski: 116 kmh 124 kmh

Dublin Bay Prawns – John O’Connor: 130 kmh 127 kmh

Brussels Beauers – Louis Dryvers: 132 kmh 136 kmh

Stuttgart – Peter Staffeld: 145 kmh 147 kmh

Bocconi Lax – Federico Galpeuti: 132 kmh 95 kmh

Amsterdam Lions – Auke: 145 kmh 144 kmh

Vienna Monarchs – Clemens Winkler: 128 kmh 134 kmh

Belgium Mixed – Rodrigue Spillebeen: –  114 kmh


Putney – Jessie Basch: 103 kmh 97 kmh

LCC Radotin – Theresa Laláková: 95 kmh  –

DHC Hannover – Bettina: 96 kmh 96 kmh

Edinburgh U. – Ailsa Stott: 81 kmh 99kmh

PICK UP Team – Evie van Dujn: 85 kmh 89 kmh

NTNUI Lax – Thale: 80 kmh 84 kmh

Wettingen Wild – Anouk Andres: 80 kmh 84 kmh

Domstad Devils – Coosje: 88 kmh 93 kmh

Milano – Stefanie: 65 kmh 68 kmh

Ghent Gazelles – Deidrg Ber Gauy 74 kmh 76 kmh

Galway – Lindsay Sullivan: 88 kmh 93 kmh

Congratulation to the winners Jessie and Peter!


Of course, you also want to know who has played against who and how much gained it. Here you can see the results of the tournament:

Women Results of the Ken Galluccio Cup 2015Men Results of the Ken Galluccio Cup 2015

We can see at the women played Hannover and Edinburgh against each over in the final. In the Halftime was the score 4:5. At the end of the game Edinburgh still leads with one goal more and finally it was 7:8.
The men-teams Stockport and Farsta met each other in the finals. After the first one the score was 4:1, after the second 7:1, after the third everything was unchanged and after the final whistle the score was 9:2. Thus Stockport von the tournament very clearly.

Congratulations to the both winner teams.


In the following pictures are a lot of impressions of the Ken Galluccio Cup 2015. Have fun during browsing.

We hope all participants and players had as much fun as it looks like in the pictures.

Sticks up!


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