Teen Wolf – The currently most popular mystery-lacrosse-youth-series!

You certainly asked why we write about a series. We got the idea of writing about it, because it is discussed in social media and it is associated with lacrosse. That is why we have informed us extensively about this series and want to tell you this today. Perhaps Teen Wolf is your new favorite TV-show?

Teen Wolf - mystery-lacrosse-seriesGeneral

The US series Teen Wolf is broadcast since 2011. In fact, in the USA the first episode aired on June 5th, 2011 on the channel MTV. To date, 5 seasons of the series have been published in America. There are Season 1, 2, 3 a, 3 b, 4, 5a and 5 b is on TV since last week. These five seasons include more than 70 episodes. Teen Wolf series is classified at the Mystery, Action, Fantasy and Drama. The idea for this series came from Jeff Davis, who was, together with six other persons involved in the production.

Mythology of the series

As already mentioned above, is Teen Wolf is a fantasy series. The series refers to mythologies of different cultures, for example, the mythology, the South American mythology, Japanese mythology and the mythology of the Native Americans.


They have the ability to transform themselves to a certain degree and also rare way completely into a wolf. They have special skills, among other things, they are stronger, faster and more agile than humans, they have sharpened senses, they can heal injuries and chronic diseases in themselves, and they can also transmit thoughts. With a full moon, the forces of a werewolf strengthen and during a lunar eclipse they disappear. Dangerous for werewolves can be the following things: mountain ash, moonstone, wolfs bane, mistletoe, wolf lichen.


Beta Werewolves at Teen WolfAn alpha is a leader of a herd. A beta can by killing a alphaeven become one. If an alpha bites a human, the human dies or is a beta. There are also people who are immune to the bite, but then they get side effects (see Kanima or Lydia Martin). The eyes of the wolf glow red. A true alpha, there is only once every hundred years. It achieved the status by sheer force of character.


A beta one is from birth on a beta or you are bitten by an alpha. They have a mental connection to her alpha. Their eyes light up yellow or blue.


Omegas are lone wolves. Betas can become an Omega when they voluntarily leave their herd, be thrown out of the herd or they are the sole survivor of their herd. Omegas have glowing orange eyes.

Werewolf Hunter

They are killing werewolves. Actually, they are subjects to a code of honor, but it does not have to be fulfilled. According to this Code they only kill werewolves, who have injured or killed people and they do not kill young werewolves. When a werewolf hunter is bitten, they should commit suicide. The women of the werewolf hunters decides if a werewolf is killed or not. All the knowledge they have about werewolves, they collected and passed in a so-called Bestiatrium.


Kanimas at Teen WolfThat is a mutation of the werewolf genes, they are unable to complete their transformation. A Kanima seeks no herd, but a master. A Kanima is about as big as a man, has greenish scales, a long prehensile tail, and claws that secrete a secretion, which can paralyze his victims. In the alpha form he has wings.


They are consultants of a wolf herd. A darach is a druid who has strayed from the right path. He wants to do kill rituals with three types of people in order to gain their skills.


A Kitsune is a shapeshifter. There are 13 different species, including a dark Kitsune, the Nogitsune. How strong he is, depends on the number of his tails, he gradually earns. In extreme situations, he gets a fox coat that envelops him.


They want to identify the Nogitsune. Their eyes light greenish yellow. They show their shadowy figure only at night. They select other supernatural beings with a japenese symbol, to signal that they are not obsessed.


They are creatures, which were created through medical experiments and possessed supernatural powers. The aim of the experiments was to combine skills of something or someone with those of another.

Who is who?

As in every series there are different characters, which should be explained once to the understandig.

Scott McCall of Teen Wolf

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Scott McCall

He is an ordinary boy, an outcast in high school, until he is bitten by Peter Hale. His only and best friend is Stiles. Scotts parents live in divorce, he lives with his mother. Sometimes he works as an assistant in an animal clinic at Dr. Deaton, who supports him as a druid in his werwolf life. Derek Hale (werewolf) is his mentor. He and Allison are a couple in season 1 and 2. He and Kira a couple in season 4 and 5.

M. Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf

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M. Stiles Stilinski

Stiles is Scott’s best friend. Stiles is clumsy and has a strange sense of humor. His father is the town sheriff, his mother died a few years ago. Stiles is not his real first name, but rather a self-chosen variation of his surname. He and Malia are a couple.

Allison Argent in Teen Wolf

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Allison Argent

She is new in town. Allison’s family hunts werewolves for generations. She is a pretty good archer. She and Scott are a couple in season 1 and 2.

Derek Hale in Teen Wolf

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Derek Hale

Derek is a werewolf. His entire family, apart from his sisters, him and his uncle Peter Hale were killed by a fire. In his youth, he left the city, but he came back to find the murderer of his family.

Lydia Martin in Teen Wolf

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Lydia Martin

She is one of the most famous students at the Beacon Hills High School. She is actually very intelligent, but she hidden this intelligence to remain popular. Her parents are divorce and she lives with her mother in Beacon Hills. She has the ability to sense the death of other people and has a loud cry, with which she can reach all werewolves in the area. She is a Banshee. She and Jackson are a couple in season 1.

Jackson Whittemore aus Teen Wolf

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Jackson Whittemore

He is a rich, spoiled boy. His parents died in a car accident on the day of his birth, so Jackson was adopted. He is in the second season a Kanima, later he is a werewolf. He and Lydia are a couple in the first season. He is the captain of the lacrosse team.

Isaac Lahey - Teen Wolf

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Isaac Lahey

He is the first member of Derek’s herd. He was abused by his father, who was killed by a Kanima. He falls in love with Allison in season 3.

Kira Yukimura in Teen Wolf

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Kira Yukimura

She is a Kitsune. She can go as fast as a werewolf and can absorb a large amount of electricity in their body. She and Scott are a couple in season 4 and 5. She is in the lacrosse team.

Malia Tate in Teen Wolf

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Malia Tate/Hale

She is a werecoyote. According to her first transformation in a car, her mother and sister died in a traffic accident. She remain a coyote for years, unable to transform into a women. She was adopted and she and Stiles are a couple in the 3rd, 4th and 5th season.

Liam Dunbar in Teen Wolf

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Liam Dunbar

He is new in Beacon Hills. He was thrown from his last school. He is a terrific lacrosse player and a werewolf.

What happens in Teen Wolf?

To come now to the substantial part, we have summarized the entire contents of the previous 5 seasons and published here for you.

Season 1

After Scott McCall had been attacked and bitten by a wolf, he realized that he developed extraordinary abilities. During the full moon, he realized that he can transform into a werewolf. He is also the new Lacrosse Star at school through his newly acquired skills. By Derek Hale he learns that his new life has achieved not only positive aspects, because the supernatural world is waiting with some problems. Moreover, the problem of love came into play, because he falled in love with Allison Argent. They met each other until she is his girlfriend despite their werewolf hunter family. The wolf that bit Scott at the beginning of the season, wanted him in his herd, in order to achieve this, he terrorized Scott and his friends and family. This wolf was the uncle of Derek, namely Peter Hale. Allison learned through her aunt that Scott is a werewolf and she is a huntress. In the season finale, the hunters and wolves met each other. Peter killed Kate (Allison’s aunt) because she set fire in the house of the Hales in the past. Derek killed Peter, now he is an alpha.

Season 2

Allison’s grandfather with cancer came in the city to avenge the death of his daughter in the city. Derek began to form a herd. Since Lydia had been bitten by Peter in the last season, she suffered from chronic hallucinations and occasional memory loss. Derek bit Jackson Whittemore, because he wanted to be a werewolf. But instead of having signs of transformation, he get side effects, it runs black blood out of his nose and ears, until he is a Kanima. Jackson was absolutely weak-willed and obedient. Him was commanded to kill people, what he did numerous. Stiles, Derek and Scott found out that Matt was the person, who commanded this. He is a student of the Beacon Hills High School. Before they could do something against Matt, he was killed by Allison’s grandfather. Peter came back to life with Lydia’s help. Allison’s mother was bitten by Derek and as it says the code of honor, she commited suicide in order to escape the transformation. Therefore Allison wanted revenge and kill Derek. Scotts mother learned that her son is a werewolf. During the season finale, many things happened at the same time. Allison’s grandfather wanted to turn into a werewolf to cure his illness, but he died. Lydia could Jackson turn into a werewolf, because he has a special bond with her. Allison and Scott separated.

Season 3 a

A herd of alpha wolves reached the city, they are led by Deucalion. They kidnapped Erica and Boyd (two betas of Derek’s herd), because they wanted to bind Derek. It happened several unexplained murders. Stiles had a theory. He thought that was a Darach who performs ritual sacrifices. Derek falled in love with the new English teacher, who is unfortunately the Darach. Deucalion had turned to Scott, because he carries the potential for a true alpha. Scott’s mother, Stiles father and Allison’s father are kidnapped by the Darach, because they are supposed to be the last victims. That was why Scott joined the alpha herd. Here he became a true alpha, while Derek gived up his alpharank.

Season 3 b

It suddenly appeared Oni in the city, who wanted to find a Nogitsune to kill him. The Beacon High School had a new student, Kira Yukimura. Later, it turned out that she is a Kitsune. Stiles body was possessed by the Nogitsune. He wanted to spread anger, discord and chaos. The Nogitsune kidnapped Lydia. As Allison wanted to save Lydia, she was fatally injured. She died in Scott’s arms. Lydia, Kira, Stiles and Scott succeeded the Nogitsune in an extremely spectacular scene to kill. Derek learned that Kate (Allison’s aunt) was not killed in the first season, because Peters claws maked she to a “She Wolf”. Kate kidnapped Derek.

Season 4

Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia and Kira travelled to Mexico to rescued Derek. There they received the information, that Kate is still alive. Scott found Derek behind a wall in the vault of an old church in the middle of a leaving desert town. Derek was previously transformed in a teenager by Kate. When they came back to Beacon Hills the five friends found out, that Kate and Derek were a couple in the past. She turned him back into a teenager because he still trusted her at this age. In a fight with a Berserker Derek regained his adult self. A short time later it came to numerous families killing by the so-called benefactors. He wanted to kill all supernatural beings and committed hitmans. Lydia found his death list, on which stood even their names. Scott tried to save all the supernatural persons while Stiles and Lydia looked after the benefactors and tried to stop his death list. They found out that Meredith is the benefactor. Meredith did not want to explain herself in front of them, just in front of Peter. Before more harm could happen by the death list, Stiles and Malia stopped the list. During the conversation between Meredith and Peter, Lydia discovered that the idea of the list came from Peter. When Peter was in a coma, he was right next to Meredith and she could hear his thoughts, but he knew nothing about that. As Scott and Kira are attacked on a date, they are kidnapped by Kate to Mexico. There she transformed Scott into a berserker. Liam, Stiles, Malia, Peter and Derek decided to save Scott. Just befor Scott lost his control and killed Liam, Scott throwed out his berserker form armor and told everyone that it was a brainchild of Peter. They could capture Peter and brought him in a psychiatry. Derek left the herd and went to Mexico.

Season 5 a

Before the first day of a new high school year, Scott was attacked by a wolf, which could absorb the force of a true alpha. Scott, Kira and Malia could defeat him. Suddenly Theo turned up, he was a good friend of Scott and Stiles in the primary school. Scott and his friends found out, that Theo help the “Dread Doctors”. They turned people into hybrid creatures, in the chimeras. They killed unconscious people. The “Dread Doctors” wore masks and changed the rules of the supernatural world. At the end of the season learned Malia, that her mother, so the desert wolf, looked for her and wanted to kill she.

Season 5 b and 6

These series are so far planned. Season 5 b is broadcasted in America since last week and season 6 will be begin in the summer of 2016.

We hope we could bring you with our comprehensive blog post about the US series Teen Wolf to your new favorite series. For the guys there are a lot of action and hard-hitting, good lacrosse trainings to see and for the girls there are some lacrosse hotties. Have fun during watching.

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