Intercrosse – What has that got to do with lacrosse?

It is very simple: intercrosse is a descendant of lacrosse. Therefore it is not identical, but it is a kind of lacrosse with some modified rules, a different history and so on. It is a ball sport as well and it  is also played in a team. The biggest difference to lacrosse is actually that this sport is played without physical contact and it is played mixed. If you want to know what makes intercrosse special or what it has in common with lacrosse, continue reading!

What is Intercrosse?The facts

The general facts about intercrosse are summarized relative quickly. Intercrosse is a popular sport that has emerged from the American sport lacrosse. The game is played with a stick and at its end it has a plastic basket. This basket can catch, pass or shoot the ball. The ball is made out of soft rubber and is slightly larger than a tennis ball. The game works as follows:
In four seasons of 12 minutes each, the 4 field players per team try along with their goalkeeper to pass the ball. The aim is to get as many hits in the opponent’s goal as possible. An attack may not last longer than 30 seconds. Body and stick contact is completely prohibited, so normally no equipment is necessary. Only the goalkeeper is packed as an ice hockey goalie with helmet and armor. The field corresponds to a handball court and the goal has the same size like a street hockey goal. Intercrosse is an indoor sport for men and women of all ages. Important in this sport is the speed, the team-play and the fairness.

The history of intercrosse

The history of IntercrosseThe sport originates from somewhere for sure – therefore we will summarize it from the early beginning to the present day: As already mentioned, intercrosse originiates from the American sport lacrosse. The history of lacrosse dates back to the Native Americans of North America or Canada that have played this game in its original form and under the name “Baggataway”. At this time it was done for war preparation with several 100 men in one team. The modern form of lacrosse originated in Canada in 1856, where the first official lacrosse team was founded. If you want to know more, then we have the complete history of lacrosse in one article on our blog here.
In the 1980s the disembodied version of lacrosse emerged, namely intercrosse in Europe. Firstly this sport was practiced in France. Intercrosse grew in popularity, as the game is played in a sports hall and therefore can be practiced throughout the whole year. In addition, no gender separation takes place, so the men and the women play together. The next further step was the establishment of the Intercrosse World Association FIIC in 1985.


Meanwhile intercrosse is strongly enforced worldwide, particularly in Europe. Regularly the FIIC directed the World Cup, the World Championships and the World Games. The World Games are very special, because individual players come together from around the world and randomly divided in teams at the beginning of the tournament.


In the Switzerland, the Swiss Lacrosse and Intercrosse were founded in 1995. Today there are three locations with four teams that play Intercrosse actively, although several other teams currently emerge. The Green Buzzwards and the Rookys are from Rickenbach, the Hurricanes originate from Herzogenbuchsee and the Aquillas playing in Basel. Since 2011, the Swiss Games is held once a year.


Germany has an own intercrosse league since 2009, consisting of six teams, namely: CVJM Brackwede, Essen Eagles, L.A. Panthers, CVJM Bad Marienberg, ASC Rating West Bumble Bees and the newest member is the CVJM Dautphetal. Additionally, in Germany are many tournaments during the year. In 2011 the Intercrosse Association of Germany (IVD) has been reconstituted. The L.A. Panthers are part of the Master League since the season of 2010/2011.


Austria - intercrosseIn Austria intercrosse has been integrated with an extra division in the Austrian Lacrosse Association in 2010. This division has the task to introduce the sport at schools and supporting the teachers in the physical education of the children. In 2011, the Vienna Ewoks Intercrosse were founded as the first intercrosse team in Austria.


In the rest of Europe the practicing of Intercrosse depends on the area. In the Czech Republic it is even more widespread than in Austria, Switzerland or Germany. For example the Czech league operates international tournaments, such as the legendary Christmas Cup in Prague. They dominate the World Cup also, along with Canada, since the sport has been founded.


Unfortunately it is not possible for us to explain every single rule of the sport – otherwise it would be a whole rulebook here, but we summarized the most important rules for you:
The most significant thing is no contact between body & body or stick & body. In addition, the ball gets conducted with the stick itself. So it could not be beaten with the stick, like baseball, and also not with the body. It is not allowed to touch the ball more than 5 seconds in the basket. When the player receives the ball, he can only run or stand and move with the star step like it is familiar from basketball. It can happen that the ball lands on the ground. If this is the case then it can be picked up or captured again with the stick. During the race, you have to hold the stick with both hands, but catching, throwing or capturing is allowed even with one hand. If the ball is in the “off”, the player that brings the ball back in the game can pass it from the sideline to a player or run in with the ball. There is a semicircle in front of the goal that is not allowed to be entered by the attackers. This is important for the defense as it is prohibited to conduct zone coverage or a “doubling” of an attacker and therefore partner coverage is important. If you now want to know which rules are still out there, then we have researched a complete set of rules for you.

We also found a video of the last World Games, so you can even get an idea of what it means to play intercrosse and how much distance it has to Lacrosse.

We hope we have told you something new and could start your interest for a further modification of lacrosse. It is amazing what can arise out of one sport.

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