The National Teams in the World – The German Women Lacrosse National Team

The German Women Lacrosse National Team players are opponents in their normal national games, but they are one team at international matches. They play lacrosse together, have fun together and win together. The honor to play in the German Women Lacrosse National Team and to stand for your country is breathtaking. In a few days, you will find out more about the German Men Lacrosse National Team, today we want to tell you about the women of the nation.

German Women Lacrosse National TeamHistory

The first official match of the German Women Lacrosse National Team was in 1966 at the European Championship in Newss. This was followed by successful European Championships in Stockholm, Prague, Manchester and Glasgow under the coaches team Denise Wescott and Amy McCleary. The first world championship that the women’s national team attended was in 2001 in High Wycome near London. The team reched place 8.
In 2003, Germany managed to get the European Championships to Göttingen. Among the 6 participating teams were also two German teams. The A-team from Germany reached the fourth place after an exciting match against the Czech Republic.
In January 2004, a squad consisting of a total of 35 players, who were preparing for the 2005 World Cup, were put together. At the EM 2004 they already reched the 5th place with this team. At the Women’s World Cup 2005 in Anapolis, USA, the squad ranked 9th. At the 2008 European Championships in Lahti, Finland, they climbed to the sixth place. After this European Championship, Headcoach Amy McCleary left. In 2009, the new coach Damien Orr arrived. Under the new management, the team reached the 10th place at the World Championships held in Prague.
At the 2012 World Cup in Amsterdam, it was time. For the first time since 2003  the German Women Lacrosse National Team made it to the semifinals. Unfortunately, they were defeated by the future European Champions from England and landed fourth in the end.


German Women Lacrosse National Team - TeamThe team of 2016, like every team, consisted of four elementary areas: the Goal, Defense, Midfield and the Attack.


In the 2016 goal were the four players Britta Goldstein, Hannah Laxy, Liz Kenney and Luisa Beck. All four of them have prevailed before qualifying against the rest of the goalies


In the 2016 defense, a total of 10 players were placed, including Alena Roth, Cassandra Reineke, Charlotte Biffar, Emily Patterson, Henrike Voigt, Jacky Klaus, Jule Neubauer, Lena Stede, Lou Biffar and Sonja Bouma. These ten defense players also won the qualifiers against the other defensive players.


In Midfield 2016, a total of 11 players, including Anna Blank, Jennifer Karle, KimDressendörfer, Luise Lürken, Maike Bückenhoff, Nicole Behren, Nina Brose, Sina John, Steffi Wruck, Svea Knapp and Tessa Helf.


In attack 2016, a total of 9 players have competed against the remaining attackers. These were Bettina Wilhelm, Constanze Gerlach, Emma Mollenhauser, Insa Kriwall, Kat Schroer, Lisa Neubert, Mareile Kriwall, Sophie Mollenhauser and Toni Garbe.

Team 2017

In October 2016 more than 110 players came together in Stuttgart to train and to apply for the squad of the national team. On the one hand, it was the inclusion in the elite team, which also paricipated in the World Cup and the development team, who participated in the festival accompanying tournament of the World Cup. The players of the elite team are the same players like in 2016.

Current team behind the German Women Lacrosse National Team

Behind the team are the current head coach of the elite team Shelby Davis with his assistant coaches Carl Neubert and Lisa Schulte. The head coach of the development team is Adam Eakins. The general manager is Christopher Humke and Cynthia Wolter takes care of the public relations.

We hope we could give you a detailed insight into the German Women Lacrosse National Team and you are now very well informed about the players of the country. So look forward to the next World Cup and the European Chamionship.We do in any case!

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