10 things you miss when the lacrosse season is over

Now the official lacrosse season is over since the German championship, at least in Germany. It partly still goes on with summer tournaments, but something is missing. The games, the training, and all this must now be resigned until September/October, when the new season begins. We will also miss a lot of things, but here you will find your 10 things you miss when the lacrosse season is over.

10 things you miss when the lacrosse season is over1. The excuse of why you take your stick with you

Do you not think it’s funny when you see someone running around with his lacrosse stick? And that constantly? No? Lacrosse players do not, but all the others. In front of these people, you have your “standard excuse” ready, and you are on the way to training, but that is unfortunately over.

2. Each muscle of the body is 100% painful

And when I say each muscle, I mean each muscle. Slave drivers are nothing against a lacrosse coach. They torment you until you have exhausted your full potential, but also the last spark of energy has come out of you. But somehow it is a good feeling to wake up in the morning and notice that every part of your body hurts. You simply know that you have done something.

3. Your favorite jeans

Can I not put on my favorite jeans when the season is over? Maybe, but I do not! The training falls away and therefore also a part of the sporting omission and so I possess exactly two wardrobes an in-season and an off-season wardrobe. This is a really hard fact of the 10 things you miss when the lacrosse season is over.

4. Persistent sweating before the game - 10 things you miss when the lacrosse season is over4. Persistent sweating before the game

Yeah right. As a lacrosse player, you do not have to stand on the field to start sweating, because the slaves driver makes you sweat before the game with some runs or other exercises. And if that’s not enough, it’s dancing with the team in the locker room that definitely makes you sweat.

5. Sweat even after the game, but it does not interest you because you rocked it!

A lacrosse game is really not to be underestimated. On the field it can be a hard thing and so you can get a sweat during a game. But that does not matter if you can go of the field with your head high and say you rocked it! One really great fact of the 10 things you miss when the lacrosse season is over.

6. If your stick is a part of your style

Do you know this when someone has something so often that it belongs to his usual appearance? For normal people, this is perhaps a pair of glasses, if he does not have them on, everyone notices immediately. This is how lacrosse players go with their sticks. They carry it so often that it is already a part of them.

7. Late in the night stressed sitting over the homework

7. Late in the night stressed sitting over the home - 10 things you miss when the lacrosse season is over23:00 o’clock, but the homework is not finished yet. And why? Because you were on the field during training or practicing with the guys or girls all day. Every lacrosse player knows the endless nights in which the last homework is done with the utmost haste, because honestly, homework can be done even when it is dark, this is a bit more difficult with playing lacrosse. Everyone knows this fact of the 10 things you miss when the lacrosse season is over.

8. Comparison of bruises from checks or falls

A lacrosse player looks fundamentally as if he had been part of the last gang war and would have taken the beating of his life, but no he did not. All of these are lacrosse bruises of sticks or balls, but the question among the players, which is only too often impelled is … Who has the biggest and worst bruises? Some of them also have a lot of fun to put on a bruise.

9. Shoot a goal … and then stumbling over your stick

Do you know this …  You may also be shooting a rather unexpected goal, turn around and want to cheer to your team and stumble over your own stick? I think it almost happened to everyone, which makes it absolutely less embarrassing, but nevertheless it is a spectacle and hopefully also for you a reason to laugh.

10. Having no life outside of lacrosse

Lacrosse is your life and will always be. During the season, you are able to dedicate your whole life to this sport, but now it is time for a break. There is so much that you will miss, but most of all you miss the team and all the time you spend with them. Of course you also see them during the off-season, but not so often, and then it is different, but you return and you and your team are reunited! #LAXFAMILY

We are pretty sure that many of you could understand our “10 things you miss when the lacrosse season is over.” and now, after the German Championship, are ready to cope with these losses.



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