Which position should I play in lacrosse?

There are four different main positions in lacrosse, but on which position should I play in lacrosse? We have created a small guide for you to find that out. In this guide you will find detailed descriptions of the four main positions and you can try playing different positions and then decide which one is your favorite.

Which position should I play in lacrosse?General

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced player or just started playing lacrosse. It is never too late to try a new position. Lacrosse is an ultimate teamwork sport, the fastest sport on two legs and generally the best sport anyway. It does not only require effort to score, but also for the team to win, because the right equipment isn’t everything. From attackers, defenders, midfielder to goalkeepers, each position has its own tasks to accomplish, in order to get the win. So on which position should I play in lacrosse?



Attacker Which position should I play in lacrosse?

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The most important task of an attacker is to score goals. Most of the time they are on the opponent’s half of the field and rely on the fact that they get the ball from their team members.

A skill that you should have for this position is an excellent footwork. The opposing team won’t let an attacker simply run past the defense towards the goal. It is important that you can dodge the defenders and also their checks. You should also have a strong and accurate shot if you want to score goals. In addition, good hand-eye coordination is required to react quickly.



As a midfielder, you are probably in the most dynamic position on the field. The players must adapt to the speed of the game, but they can also change it by good interplay. They must also be flexible. They almost cover the entire field and must be able to attack and defend.

The midfielders must have an exceptional stick ability. They have to play accurate passes, intercept passes of the opponent and defend. In addition, you need to pass the ball very accurate to the attackers to get those goals. In addition, as a middie, you have to be able to analyze situations quickly and to know how to proceed, so that you can react quickly and, for example, prevent a shot from the opponents. It is also important to have enough stamina. The midfielders have to run the most from all lacrosse positions, because they have to cover the biggest part of the field.Which position should I play in lacrosse? Maybe the midfielder is the right position for you.



Defender - Which position should I play in lacrosse?These players are often not valued enough. They are the unnamed heroes of the team, the backbone if you like. In a game, of course, the number of goals scored is the focus, so the attacker gets more attention here, but the defense is essential for victory. No matter how good you are as an attacker and how many goals you score, you need a qualified defense on the field to keep the lead.

An important feature that a defender should have is physical strength. You must be able to keep your opponents at bay. In addition, you need good lacrosse instincts to observe the enemy and analyze his behavior. In addition, you have to be able to start an attack on the goal in a short time.



Nobody is put to the test as often as the goalie. He is the lonely fighter on the field when he tries to protect the goal. So good goalies are also known to the opponents and especially feared. The main task of the goalie is not to let the opponent score. In addition, the goalie should be able to launch an attack by a powerful pass.

The most important feature to have as a goalie are reflexes. With quick reactions and good hand-eye coordination you have to ward off the shots. In addition, they must be able to communicate and have a loud voice, because they have the best view over the field. So he has to inform his team colleague about formation updates or picks. He plays an important role.

Which position should I play in lacrosse? We hope that we could help you with this guide your answer. Just try it out and see what suits you best.


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