What does your lacrosse position say about you?

In Lacrosse, each position has its own tasks because only this way a team works, but what does your lacrosse position say about you? This question arises, especially after one of our last articles: What position of lacrosse should I play? Here we will answer all your questions and tell you who you really are according to your lacrosse position.

What does your lacrosse position say about you?General

As mentioned in a previous article, it does absolutely not matter if you are just starting to play lacrosse or have been around for a long time. A new position can always be tried. There is nothing wrong about this. You learn  new things. In addition, all positions are important, Attacker, Midfielder, Defender or Goalie. However, the lacrosse position can reveal much about the style and abilities. Surely now the question comes to your mind: What does your lacrosse position say about you? We’ll tell you now.



There are two types of attackers. The big and strong one and the small and fast one. No matter what type you are, your main task is, as everyone knows, to score goals or to prepare them optimally. Important is an excellent stick-ability. An attacker knows how to deal with his stick. The attackers are generally also the most experienced players of the team, since good shooting, precision, stick-handling and so on requires a lot of practice.


What does your lacrosse position say about you? - MidfielderMidfielder

A midfielder is normally a hybrid, a combination of an attacker and a defender. He is usually very fast and manoeuvrable, has a lot of stamina, but is also able to perform a good defense. This is the reason why probably the best description for a midfielder is the “complete player”. He can support the defense perfectly, but also lead an offensive attack. The best midfielders are selfless, team-capable, fast and have a great field-sense, as they cover most of the lacrosse field.



Who plays the defense is different from team to team. Some trainers consider it useful to put their players with the worst stick-handling ability in the defense, while others place their best players in the defense. The basic thing is that you are tough as a defender, you can pass checks and you can steal the ball from your opponent and everything without problems. But there are more features that describe a defender. Normaly he has a firm attitude, that is essential as a defender. You are tough and normally bigger and stronger than the normal Midfielder and Attacker and you have a good field sense, which allows you to move the ball forward to start an attack.



As a goalie, you might be classified as a slower and potentially bigger player, but that does not have to be the case. As a goalie you are usually agile and fast to catch the balls. Stick handling is not necessary, but you have to be good at watching the players around 15 – 30 yards because they are the players who usually throw the ball to start an attack. In general, there are three characteristics that describe every good goalie. You are fearless, because honestly who is not afraid if such a lacrosseball with speeds with perhaps 150 km/h or more race towards someone. You stand firm for your team. You have fast hands and feet to ward off the ball. You have leadership quality, you have the best overview of the field and have to help and guide your team.

What does your lacrosse position say about you? Attackers are finishers, midfielders are selfless, defenders are tough and goalies are fearless. Are these statements that match you? Or maybe you have more features that you would like to add?

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