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Individual Men Lacrosse Jerseys, Pinnies & Shorts

Individual Men Lacrosse Jerseys, Pinnies & Shorts

Are you bored with your age-old team jerseys? Your jersey is not quite the color of your team? Then it's time for a new jersey set that suits your needs, no matter what design or color. Your imagination and creativity are endless and all for an unbelievably attractive price!

Only jerseys are not enough? You do not want to wear training jerseys and pinnies, which are only available in a few colors and usually only in cheap fabric? Then we can help too and print your men lacrosse training jersey individually with you on both sides. So if you want a big color choice, freaky colors and individual design, then you've come to the right place.

Of course we design not only your individual men lacrosse jerseys and pinnies, but also your men lacrosse pants. By default, the pants are basically delivered without pockets. If you still want to have pockets this is not a problem, just let us know.

If you feel like it you should definitely try our completely customizable, double sided men lacrosse jerseys, pinnies & pants that come in a variety of colors. We'll help you choose the right color, logo positioning, sizes, and artwork to be able to admire the final design even before production - all for a fair team price!

After we have created the artwork of your team collection with you, it comes to the sizes. For this we have a pattern set ready, which we can send you anytime and with which you can individually test for whom, which size fits best.

Individual Men Lacrosse Jerseys, Pinnies & Shorts - Product View


Your steps to the lacrosse jersey, pinnie and pants luck:

1. Which products do you want exactly?
2. Do you want the player numbers on the jersey?
3. Should the player name also be on it?
4. What about the club name?
5. Would you like to benefit from our Captain LAX sponsorship? If so, where should it be on the jersey?
6. Which font do you want to use?
7. We need your logo as a vectorized file
8. Which colors and positions are desired?
9. Which sizes do you need?
10. What kind of individual Lacrosse Team Collection do you need FIL-legal?


Captain LAX sponsorship

If you want to benefit from our Captain LAX sponsorship, then pay close attention. For putting our Captain LAX logo on your jersey or pinnie, you'll get a discount on your order dpending on where the logo is printed.

There are two options for Captain LAX sponsorship:

Individual Men Lacrosse Jerseys, Pinnies & Shorts - Captain LAX Logo1. Captain LAX logo on the front = 10% discount

2. Captain LAX logo on the back = 5% discount

Just tell us in your order email which option you have chosen. You do not want to miss these great discounts, right?


The color selection

You're tired of standard colors? You want to show who you are and differentiate you from the other men lacrosse teams? Then send us your desired color or the color of your club or team and we will design the optimal lacrosse jersey, pinnie and pants for you.

Of course, we want to offer you a color selection, that's why we put together a PDF file with different colors especially for you.

» Download Pantone colors

Individual Men Lacrosse Jerseys, Pinnies and Shorts - color selection

Imprints, logos and fonts

Your team logo has several colors? No problem! Whether one color or multi-colored or just a sponsor logo, we'll do do exactly what you want. We also do not care how big you would like your logo and where you want to place it. You can decide that individually. Just note that you have to send us your logo as a vectorized file. You can also decide your font. Just tell us by sending it to us as a file and you'll find it on your men lacrosse uniform again.



Individual Men Lacrosse Jerseys, Pinnies and Shorts - SublimationFor those who are not familiar with sublimation printing: the graphics are incorporated directly into the mesh, allowing any type of layout and style to be printed on the jersey or pinnie. Thus, you can let your imagination run wild. There are no limits for you. Just send us your artwork and we will deliver your men lacrosse jersey and pinnie.


Production time

Once all of these questions have been resolved and you have approved our production proposal, then your men lacrosse team collection goes into production. It will take about 8 weeks from this time until the uniform is with you. So, if you have a preferred date when you need the jerseys, pinnies or pants, please let us know in advance.


For ordering or questions about the team collection just contact us.

Tel./WhatsApp: +49 (0) 9721/75 98 811


The Captain LAX Team will be happy to advise you on the selection and to provide you with tips at any time.

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