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Here you find a multitude of different mouthguards. The different models offer a various of mouthguard classes. In addition feature all the opro modells an extra dental warranty with a special CE certification. All orders over 50,-€ in Germany are free shipped and in Europe all orders over 180,-€.
SISU GO Mouthguard
from 17,95 EUR
CLUB Price 16,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Opro Gold Lacrosse Mouthguard
22,95 EUR
from 16,95 EUR
CLUB Price 16,45 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Opro Gold 3.0 Mouthguard
23,95 EUR
from 22,95 EUR
CLUB Price 21,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Shock Doctor Ultra Single Brace Mouthguard
34,95 EUR
from 24,95 EUR
CLUB Price 22,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping

Lacrosse Mouthguards from the Captain-Lax Online-Shop

Lacrosse often can be a sportive activity where it can come to the one or the other aggressive duel among the opposing teams. Therefore the Lacrosse stick or also the Lacrosse ball could hit sensitive zones of the Lacrosse player's body no matter if male or female. Special protective Lacrosse equipment therefore is inevitable. The wide product range of the special Lacrosse Online Shop, offers therefore all available Lacrosse protection accessories for different scopes of Lacrosse, like for example the men's, women's or goalie's Lacrosse players. Also the face and head need to be protected specially. If the Lacrosse ball hits the mouth or lips, some injuries could follow. Not only blood might run out of the lips because of the hard contact between Lacrosse ball and teeth. Also some teeth might break or fall out because of the strong impact. To prevent any of these unpleasant harms, particular Lacrosse Mouthguards are offered in the Captain-Lax Online-Shop.

Perfect fitting of mouthguards

Lacrosse Mouthguards are made of special synthetical material, which optimally adjusts to the individually natural dentition after the first use. So just put the new Lacrosse Mouthguard into your mouth and bite firmly onto the material so that all shapes of the teeth will provide a dental impression upon the Mouthguard.
In our assortment there are many different versions of Lacrosse Mouthguards available, just choose your personally favorite color and soon the extraordinary protection will provide unrestricted performance. There are also some models available offering additional straps, these straps can be easily fixed on helmets so that the Mouthguard cannot fall out of your mouth while playing Lacrosse. Therefore these special straps are very useful.
Of course Lacrosse Mouthguards are not only suitable for the sport of Lacrosse but for even more sports, like for example boxing or hockey. Anyway, the performance of the special Mouthguards from the Captain-Lax Online-Shop is really good and protects your teeth reliably. Your teeth and lips will be very glad to have such an extra protection by special Mouthguards after every hard impact. Do not hesitate to buy a Lacrosse Mouthguard!

Additional Protection recomended

Besides the special protection for the teeth and mouth, also any protective wear for Lacrosse goalie players and men's players is available within the corresponding category.

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