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Brine Lacrosse Cyber X-Spec Head Strung
89,95 EUR
from 74,95 EUR
CLUB Price 68,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
StringKing Mark-2V Unstrung
from 90,95 EUR
CLUB Price 86,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
Warrior Lacrosse Wedge
from 19,99 EUR
CLUB Price 19,99 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
STX Stallion U 550 Lacrosse Head Unstrung
64,95 EUR
from 49,95 EUR
CLUB Price 47,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping
StringKing Mark-2D Unstrung
from 90,95 EUR
CLUB Price 86,95 EUR
incl. VAT plus shipping

Lacrosse Heads at Captain-Lax

Like the Head of a badminton or tennis racket, a Lacrosse Complete Stick's Head plays also a basic role in the sport of Lacrosse. The Lacrosse Head forms the upper part of this Lacrosse item and therefore is the most important article of Lacrosse equipment. With the Lacrosse Head the Lacrosse Ball is caught and also handed on to the next player; therefore many different features are giving a high priority to enable the most accurate and easiest controllable holding of the ball.

The Captain-Lax online shop offers a variety of Lacrosse Heads, both for men and women as well as Goalies. Lacrosse Heads of top brands, just like Harrow, Warrior, Brine, STX Lacrosse or Gait are offered in our Online-Shop. These brands are the leading manufacturers of the Lacrosse market all over the world and especially top players of famous teams rely on the quality of their products.

Like the equipment of other sports, Lacrosse items are also available in different variations and models. The Lacrosse Head is obtainable in various designs. Made of synthetical material the most Lacrosse Heads are colored white but there are also Lacrosse Heads in the most colorful designs or with special patterns for a customized look. Depending on your taste you will certainly find your preferred color among all offered Lacrosse Heads in our Online-Shop.

Women Lacrosse Head Collection

For women's Lacrosse sport we have also a wide range in our shop. A wide range of Ladies Lacrosse Heads can be found under the special category and furthermore the extra wide of Goalie Lacrosse Heads with an immense surface can be bought. We carry special women lacrosse heads. Famour for women lacrosse heads are the brands STX Lacrosse and Brine Lacrosse. Both women lacrosse brands are really well known and have the latest state of the art equipment.

Different versions available

Lacrosse Heads on are available in different versions either as an unstrung or strung one. If you buy an unstrung Head, you need to also buy a stringing kit or mesh for stringing the Head by yourself. A strung version is divided into soft and hard mesh, depending on the player's personal preferences it can be chosen. Every lacrosse player himself knows best which Head, strung or unstrung is the fitting one and therefore can select his new Lacrosse Head.

Not only the stringing gives a Lacrosse Head special features, also the stiffness and flexibility of these items play a big role. According to this characteristics different Lacrosse Heads offer different possibilities to develop the own style of play or new skills concerning shooting, ball control etc. and to enable even more fun while playing Lacrosse against another team. The Lacrosse Heads are also featuring a different number of stringing holes which makes the different Heads even more special.

Different Lacrosse accessories at Captain-Lax

Every manufacturer of Lacrosse items is constantly trying to simplify the picking up of so-called groundballs from the floor with the scoop. The narrower a Head is shaped the easier the control of the ball but the more difficult is the picking up of the ball. The Lacrosse Product Guide gives you more information about the different features a Lacrosse Head offers and therefore you can chose the right new Lacrosse Head.

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