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Shock Doctor Gel Nano Convertible Mouthguard Adult

unisex unisex
Product No.:oSD-8364
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The Shock Doctor Gel Nano Convertible Mouthguard Adult hastwo layers and features a gel padding. The hard outer shell providesgreat stability and therefore a reliable protection of the teeth. Theblue gel padding allows for a tight and really comfortable fit and theoutside walls are especially high in order to prevent jaw injuries dueto frontal and lateral blows. Because of the small hole in the front itis easier to breathe. In order to adjust the mouthguard easily it comeswith a detailed manual. The Monocoque Shock Frame absorbs impactspartially. The Tri-Bite system, that stabilizes the jaw, the bite spotfor the incisor teeth and the bite cushion for the back teeth form astabilizing triangle. Thanks to the Gel-Fit shape the mouthguard isadjustable and fits perfectly. The MORA technology improves theperformance under pressure and the jaw damping protects you fromconcussions.

Advantages of the Shock Doctor Gel Nano Convertible Mouthguard Adult:
  • two layers and gel padding
  • outer shell for great stability, therefore reliable protection
  • blue gel padding for tight and comfortable fit
  • outside walls especially high to prevent jaw injuries
  • small hole in the front makes breathing easier
  • comes with detailed manual
  • Monocoque Shock Frame absorbs impacts partially
  • Tri-Bite system, bite spot for the incisor teeth and the bitecushion for the back teeth form a stabilizing triangle
  • Gel-Fit shape for perfect fit and adaptability
  • MORA technology improves performance under pressure
  • jaw damping protects you from concussions

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