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Michigan Lacrosse – The Will

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Michigan Lacrosse have made an incredible video that probably describes and applies to every lacrosse team in the world. There is nothing that motivates a player more than seeing how hard others train, so watch these guys and do it even better! Definitely a video worth seeing.

Sticks up!

FIL World Lacrosse Championships Schedule

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Basic Information about the Championships

The world lacrosse championships in Denver are drawing ever closer and the full schedule, including divisions and team pair-ups, has been made public. The championships will span over 10 days with 38 nations from all over the world playing in 142 games, so it will be a grand event indeed.

Each team is part of a division, which in turn are named after colors. The blue bloods, meaning the top teams of the world, are aptly paired up in the Blue Division, also the only group with six teams, while the other 8 divisions all contain 4 teams which are put together randomly.

The Blue Division consists of the following teams: (more…)