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3rd Beate Uhse-Cup 2014 in Würzburg

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So ladies and gentlemen, another year brought forth another Beate Uhse-Cup in Würzburg, Germany. As always, the event was a lot of fun and the spirits remained high, even though the rain dampened our tents, hair and pinnies.

As always, there were balls flying from the training area, as well as from the fields, the ladies from Bochum led the tombola and there was fun to be had all around.

3. Beate Uhse Cup Tombola


At the weekend the Beate Uhse-Cup 2014 is taking place in Wuerzburg!

Lacrosse News

We are really looking forward to the Beate Uhse-Cup 2014. In the following article you’ll find all information you need to know about the small field tournament in Wuerzburg. Beginning with the crude facts, we listed the attending teams and the playing schedule. (more…)

6th Mainz Lacrosse Camp 2014

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With a perfect summer day, 26° Celsius and light breezes to cool everyone off, the 6th Mainz Lacrosse Camp started early in the morning with a lot of positive energy from every boy and girl on the field. A total of 65 lacrosse players wandered about, warming up for an eventful day.

Of facts and fouls

The initial number of participants was at first a little higher: 80 players had signed up for the camp, but unfortunately some of them played too hard at the adh-Open two weekends before and ended up with injuries that would take them out of this event. (more…)