Lacrosse for dummies

Lacrosse is becoming more and more popular in Europe, especially as a college sport, so here is lacrosse for dummies. So you just heard about it at the university for the first time or some friends of yours are playing lacrosse and you are wondering if that would be something for you? Then you will find everything that awaits you at lacrosse here.

Lacrosse for dummies Lacrosse basics

The game is played with a tennis ball-sized rubber ball and a lacrosse stick. This stick consists of a shaft and a head to which a net is attached. As an attacker your stick will be between 40 and 42 inches long and as a defender between 52 and 72 inches.

There are 10 players per team on the field. The players use the stick to try to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. Of course the other team tries to avoid that. If a team still manages to score a goal, the opponents get the ball. In order to be able to stop the opposing team, a lot of physical effort is needed. For example, players must wear helmets, mask, arm and shoulder pads, special gloves and more.


Lacrosse game structure

lacrosse for dummies - lacrosse game structure

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The rules of lacrosse are similar in some ways to those of hockey and basketball. Of course, the team that wins the game also gets the most points. Most games are divided into four parts just like football. Each quarter lasts 15 minutes and in between there is a short break for the players.

These rules are dependent on the age and gender of the player. For example, for women, the game is split in two halfs, and minors play either 3 times 20 minutes or four quarters of 8 – 12 minutes each.


Lacrosse player

Each team consists of three offensive players / attackers who remain on the opposing side of the goal, three defenders who remain on the own side of the field, three midfielders who can walk on both sides of the field, and one goalkeeper. Only goalkeeper and defender may remain “in crease”, so in the marked area around the goal. No offensive player of the opposing team is allowed to enter this area.


Lacrosse rules

Because lacrosse is a very fast and very physical sport, most of the rules are designed to protect players or avoid clashes. More detailed information can be found in our article about the rules for men’s lacrosse.


lacrosse for dummies - lacrosse historyLacrosse story

Lacrosse originated with the native Americans. It got its name from a jesuit missionary in the 1630s. The name comes from the French term for a bishop’s crosshook, as the monks thought it looked similar to the lacrosse stick. For example, to solve conflicts between two tribes, lacrosse is a contact sport then and now. More details about the history of lacrosse can be found in our other articles.

And how does lacrosse sound for you? In any case, you should not forget the unique community and togetherness that this sport brings with it. We hope we could help you with your decision on a new sport with our article “Lacrosse for dummies”.

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