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Nike Alpha LT a/m Complete Stick 6000 Alloy

Art. Nr.: oNike-CS-APLT-A
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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 115 × 5 × 10 cm

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LAX Material

Lax Head Technologie

LAX Erfahrungslevel

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For players with standard level of play, the Alpha LT a/m Complete Stick 6000 Alloy is suitable. The design has a focus on durability, so the complete stick will stand by players long & faithfully. The pocket makes it easier to receive the ball on the ground due to the high design. The alloy is lightweight and durable to give players confidence: receive and shoot the ball easier, use the stick flawlessly instead of thinking long or idle.

Advantages of theAlpha LT a/m Complete Stick 6000 Alloy:

  • durable, robust and sturdy
  • simplified ball pick up on the ground
  • light alloy
  • suitable for standard level of play
  • great design

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